1109 profitable niches

1109 profitable niches

Do you have a hard time finding a lucrative niche?

Then I’ll guarantee you will love this list of 1109 profitable niches with their monthly Google search volume. I stumbled upon this list from nichehacks.com. The table also estimates whether products are available on Amazon and Clickbank as well as if there are blogs, forums, and social media hubs ready for networking and traffic. This should help you instantly to decide if you want to get involved with one of these profitable niches. There’re some real eerie niches in here, and some I never heard of before. Here is an example of some of the niches:

1109 profitable niches

You can download the pdf of the rest of them right here “1109 profitable niches“. After you went through the entire list of niches, make another list of your top twenty-five profitable niches to do more extensive research so that you can determine which niche you want to focus on. This process may take you some time to get done so don’t over work yourself. Set a limit for on how many niches you will do per week. For example, maybe start with two per week until you get the hold of things.

Long Tail Pro Platinium Can Save You Hours Finding Niches

Long Tail Pro is the world’s most complete keyword research and competitor analysis software. Long Tail Pro makes it really easy to find keywords with low competition and high search volume, especially ones with commercial value. It is easy for anyone to use and saves a huge amount of time with keyword research and competitor analysis.

Keyword Researching Module

keyword researching module Long Tail Pro

Within keyword researching module Long Tail Pro is FASTER than ever! I’m talking 8x FASTER than Market Samurai. Find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword with the ability to capture thousands of keywords in seconds.


Competitor Analysis Module

Long tail pro Competitor Analysis

Inside the Competitor Analysis module, you can Save countless hours by having Long Tail Pro quickly analyze the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords. Find out important SERP data like keyword usage in the Title and Meta tags, Domain & Page Authority, Moz Rank, Pagerank, # of Backlinks, Domain Age.

Long Tail’s Keyword Tutorial:




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