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2016 Blogging Niche Opportunity – Pokémon GO Blog

Have you noticed how trends tend to come up and develop faster than they did a few years ago? Just look at Snapchat that just exploded a year or so ago. It took them a few years before they can become popular, right?

Facebook video, boosted by major investments on Zuckerberg’s part is already a fully integrated part of the social network and it seems that people are already using it in their marketing strategy.

Trends are emerging and developing way faster than they did a while back and that’s a good thing for bloggers. This means you’ll have a bigger opportunity for growing blogs in emerging niches.

The latest trend in the US (soon all over the World) is the new Pokémon GO mobile game that got people outside looking for pokémons. While the original game is a living saga for most gamers, the new mobile app seems to have a stronger and faster impact on all age groups.

Starting your very own Pokémon GO Blog

Pokémon GO Blog seems to be a good blogging niche in 2016 and a lot of bloggers are already starting to cash in on this. You’ll get an advantage if you’re already familiar with the whole Pokémon GO concept and games but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start your very own Pokémon GO Blog if you’re not.

If you’re thinking about benefits and ways of monetizing this blog type, just research how popular brands are starting to add pokemon-related posts on social media and websites. For examples, look at the engagement rate Whataburger got on their Facebook post.

whataburger pokemon go

How to be successful at Pokemon GO blogging.

Having a successful blog in this emerging niche will require you to focus more on the message you’re sending out and the tone you’re using it. You will have to face bigger blogs who are already tackling this topic, but creating a standalone blog will allow you to monetize and grow it over time.

Types of Pokemon GO blog content you should focus on.

Most blogs based on new niches tend to fail because bloggers are too concerned with staying in line with others and not on creating a content strategy for the longer run. Like we said at the start of this blog post, trends are developing faster than a few years ago so you’ll have to update your content creation tactics accordingly. Instead of focusing on how to monetize the blog through ads or promoted posts, start by finding out what type of content your readers are looking for.

The premises of the game are simple so the same things should apply to your Pokemon GO blog posts. The message you need send out is a positive one since the original game encourages people to go out and exercise.

Cornerstone content.

Your blog needs to have some type of long-form content to help it rank better in SERP. Do your research and find out what pokemon players are looking for. You can start by creating long blog posts about the game saga and feature the changes it had along the years. Move on to more recent times and create guides for Pokemon GO players for when they go outside. Remember to keep a positive tone to your message and focus on sharing hints about how to play the game and stay safe.

Fresh, timely content.

If you want your new blog to succeed, you’ll need to stay in touch with the niche and do your research daily. The same thing goes for your web content, meaning you’ll need to write regular blog posts to keep the Pokemon GO players entertained and even subscribed to your newsletter. You can use two proven methods to keep people close to your blog:

  1. Create a video blog. Video content is easier to digest than written content and while you still need your long-form blog posts, starting a Youtube channel can provide you with a lot of extra content for your blog. You’ll be the first to start a Pokemon GO vlog so go for it! Document your travels and showcase any rare Pokemons you find.
  2. Focus on curated content. Every time you start a new blog, you’ll need tons of fresh content to get some traction. You should try our web tool Curately that allows you to find and create quality content from curated content.

Curated content will help you reach more readers and can boost your SERP rankings. You just add your news sources in the web app, choose a subject you’d like to feature on your Pokemon Go blog and create a quality blog post from there.

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