4 Essential Steps in Your Influencer Marketing Procedure

Influencer marketing is one of the greatest trends in marketing groups at the time and for a great purpose. Acquiring an influencer’s help for your company can be magic, but there is a barrier in the current method. Bombarded with mentions the buzzword, marketers have grown plagued with the very thought of influencers and are often paying limited to no regard to the fundamentals of what’s actually quite a sophisticated marketing tactic.

The goals, the preparation, and the excellent perception of the nature of the human relationship without any of those, your influence marketing campaign will probably be a loss of time and funds.

So if you’ve determined to give this strategy a chance, I urge you to read my article to clear your head and map out a campaign that’ll guide you to true returns.

Step 1. Set clear marketing aims and goals

A businessman writing the words, What Are Your Goals, on a note pad.

A businessman writing the words, What Are Your Goals, on a note pad.

Influencers have the ability to influence various audiences in a diverse way and via different channels. So first and foremost, you need to conclude what sort of additional appearance you’re trying to obtain. And, with this purpose in mind, conclude who your desired influencers are.

Depending on the type of company and your creativity, the intentions could be virtually anything. Here are just a some of the most prominent examples:

Are you seeking for a very precise media coverage?

Then you’ll possibly require a good journalist writing about an appropriate topic in a distinct magazine.

Do you expect to obtain offline publicity for trade events?

Your influencers of selection will hopeful be a compelling speaker that get asked to talk about their niche.

Do you need to earn some traction for your website on social media?

In this case, you’ll be scanning for useful social media users that have a significant following of trusting engaged visitors.

The list goes on. But as it’s nearly improbable to include all kinds of goals and all sorts of influencers, the only route to move onward is to prioritize your current aims and people that can support you accomplish them.

Step 2. Attain the best people

 Find the right people

So you’ve chosen on your goals and come up with a concept of a perfect influencer. Now appears the hard part you have to discover them.

Fortunately, plenty of useful software can make the research job much smoother for you.

Find Social Media influencers

Many social media monitoring tools have purposes which can assist to find influential users. Once you’ve typed in an appropriate product category and a related topic, they’ll display you a list of people that have suggested it and these lists are usually hierarchical. With people that have a huge following/blog traffic and mention the preferred product category a lot on top of the list.
The second step is to monitor your adversaries (using a social media monitoring tool as well) and keeps people who have mentioned your competitors. Odds are, if they’re impressed in their product/content, they’ll be love yours too.

Examples of software to use: Mention, Brand24, Awario.
Look for offline speakers

The easiest way is to search the internet for speakers that take part in offline events of your matter. If you aim an exclusive location, search for related seminars and find out who is hosting them and who is performing at them.

Look for guest bloggers who can mention you on an exclusive resource

If your life-long desire has been for your service or product to get mention in Forbes, you might try getting in touch with Forbes contributors who regularly write on a relevant subject. Quickly search Google with a query like:

site:forbes.com “topic relevant to your service or product.”

And look at the posts that show up and their authors.

Sure, these are just some samples, and you can come up with countless other productive ideas to obtain the proper influential people depending on your intentions and your industry niche.

Step 3: Qualify the greatest (read: most encouraging) influencers


Now you have your extended list of influencers. But is it plausible to create strong connections with a handful of people or more? Perhaps not creating connections demands personalization and a lot of energy, so you better get picky here, filtering your list based on both your opportunities to succeed with the outreach and the possible outcomes of the established connection.
Do you have a special relationship?

A personal relationship – including a minor one can address things much clearer for you. Check if you’re connected on Twitter, LinkedIn, or any additional social network. Don’t ignore the offline world too; perhaps you’ve met at a conference, know someone who knows them personally.

Are they already helping your opponents?

This is a great warning – it indicates they’re interested in this kind of product, have adequate information about it, and don’t mind doing some advertising. Helping you, too, may also increase their reliability because their readers will see that they’re not “sold” to one of the brands.

Is their online community involved?

This is imperative if you’re seeking for social media influencers and have been fascinated by their enormous Twitter following.

Please keep in mind that on some social networks, buying followers has become a standard practice, so several hundred thousand followers don’t certainly suggest a user has influence. Be certain to verify if the audience is actually involved, actively commenting, liking or sharing the influencer’s posts.

Who is their community made of?

It’s great if an influencer has an impact on the audience of your future customers, but wouldn’t it be even better if they had influence over some other influencers, who, in turn, have an impact on their audiences of your future customers?

Therefore, if you’re addressing an influencer who hangs out with other influencers, you’ll probably be capable of reaching an extremely larger audience.

Step 4: Reach out

Reach out to influencers

Lastly, you have to reach out to the elected ones. And of course, there’re some ideas to keep in mind when doing that.

Make it win/win

Influencers don’t speak about products or services and don’t share your content out of altruism. You’re getting publicity for your company, and they’re receiving publicity for themselves, it’s a symbiotic association. So whether they’re writing a guest post for you, or mention your product in their blog – make it worthwhile for them. Find out what kind of promotion they want (ask them) and provide them with it.

Avoid frequent errors

First, no templates. The Web is overflowing of message templates for proposing influencers, and possibilities are the influencer you’re proposing has observed related messages a few of times this month.

Second, no spammy blog commenting. Many “Great post” comments won’t assist you to develop your notoriety.

Third, no automated direct messages. This is not how you develop a connection, even an online one.

Psychological Method

First, let’s identify our aim: to persuade people to do something for us. In psychological terms, this involves proposing for agreement. While learning the whole topic is beyond the range of this article, we can still acquire some methods which are simply implemented in influencer marketing.
1. Foot-in-the-door method

Loads of analysis has confirmed that agreeing to a small demand boosts the probability of agreeing to a second, higher request. This is usually perceived as a foot-in-the-door method. Implementing it to influencer marketing would mean first to ask for something small (e.g., reading your post and sharing their opinion) and then asking for something bigger (e.g., mentioning your post in their blog).

2. Door-in-the-face manner

This is a portion of a reverse method, but it works just as great. It means asking for something higher before asking for something smaller (keeping in mind your actual goal is the smaller thing). Most people feel a bit wrong for turning down the first request, so they gladly agree to a smaller one. So if you need to be mentioned in a blog post, you could first ask for a complete review, then reduce that to only being mentioned when denied.

To summarize

Your influencer marketing tactics should make consist of four steps. Pick on your goals, and come up with an image of an ideal influencer based on those goals. Find the influencers using the available software, pick the most encouraging ones based on a broad range of circumstances, then reach out to them while keeping in mind common errors, and psychological methods.


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