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5 Blog Posts Ideas To Spark a Conversation As a Freelance Blogger

Some people dream about being a freelance blogger, others are already living their dream. If you take a look at Upwork’s latest study, you’ll find out that almost 54 million Americans are working as freelancers.

That’s no surprise since the latest trends and technology developments are making freelancing a great way to earn more for doing what you love. For example, the same study showed that 60% of American freelancers now earn more than before and 78% of them started earning more money within the first year of freelancing.

Being a freelance blogger is a reality so if you find yourself in this position, you’ll want to do everything in your power to keep people interested and spark conversations with the help of your freelance blog. While this would be the best case scenario, some freelance bloggers are struggling to keep their audience engaged.

If you’re having problems doing this, read on because I’m going to share with you 5 blog posts ideas that are known to spark and maintain a conversation on your freelance blog.

5 blog posts ideas for freelance bloggers

A freelance blogger has to switch between his daily tasks and personal agenda so he gets the most out of his time. They need to find a way to write for clients but at the same time keep their audience engaged by writing on their own blogs. Developing and maintaining a solid online presence is essential for any freelancer.

So, let’s see what are some of the best blog posts ideas for freelance bloggers that are proven to spark a conversation.

1. Write about your daily life.

This type of blog posts are going to encourage people to post comments since they will identify with your situation (if they’re also freelancers) or they’ll try to learn more on how to be a freelancer and how to live your life.

While writing about your life, don’t forget to add images and video content as this will surely spark even more reactions and it will provide you with a way to bring traffic and comments to your blog.

Some of the topics people would want to know are: how you manage to stay organized, what is your daily routine or tactics you apply to your daily freelance life.

2. Provide advice for new freelancers.

From this list of blog posts ideas to spark a conversation, advice for new freelancers should be a priority for every well known freelance blogger. Think of this type of blog posts as a way to share your knowledge and advice with the community while maintaining your online presence.

These blog posts can develop into eBooks or some sort of video content you can then sell or offer in exchange for signing up on your email list.

Recommended blog ideas: how to start your freelance career, what are the best websites for freelance work, apps used by high-paid freelancers.

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What’s your advice for new freelancers?

3.Discuss trending topics in the world of freelancing.

Google trends is a great way to find out the latest news in your field. Why not spice up your blog posts with discussion on the latest freelance trends, news or other developments? Freelance bloggers do this all the time to get reactions from other freelancers or well-regarded individuals in their line of work.

Having an important person commenting on your blog will encourage others to share their opinions on the subject you’re talking about.

If you’re looking for blog posts ideas from the world of freelancing, it would be smart of you to activate your Curately account and discover the best content sources for your blog posts.

4. Respond to other blog posts.

If you don’t find any news on freelancing or your field of work, head out to other freelancing blogs and see what they’re talking about. Search for their latest blog posts with people commenting and share your opinion on your own blog.

Don’t forget to link back to the original discussions as many bloggers will allow your pingback and you’ll get some extra visitors interested to read your opinion on the subject.

While you’re searching for interesting blog posts ideas on other people’s blogs, don’t forget to check out their most read and commented content. Most freelance bloggers will have widgets with these types of posts. Next, find a way to adapt those posts to your own readership.

5. Ask your readers some questions.

This is a great way to keep your readers interested in your content and to spark a conversation with them. Ask them what would they want to read about and/or get them to share their own freelance stories. Featuring other freelance bloggers will grow your social shares, bringing new people to your blog and possibly more comments.

Asking questions is a strong method to interact with your audience. You can ask about their own freelance tactics, the latest eBooks they read, the latest freelance events they attended, etc.

This will bring new comments and give you other blog posts ideas for future content.

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