5 Types of Curated Content

5 Types of Curated Content You Need to Use in Your Content Creation Strategy

Just like other types of content you constantly add on your websites, curated content has a clear purpose of building trust and improving your image in the eyes of possible clients. There are some secondary benefits as well, such as: increasing your social media channels engagement rate and optimizing your website content for search engines.

You’ll need to understand that these things don’t come without hard work. Content curation isn’t a task you can give to anyone. The person or department in charge of content curation should have a clear image of your business and future plans since all curated content has to reflect that to your consumers.

Some people see curated content as a bad thing and we proved them wrong in our blog post called 7 Curated Content Myths for 2016 – True or False?. Content curation needs to be a fully working part of your content creation strategy, but what types of content should be curated?

Not every piece of content that you find online and has a small resemblance to your niche has to be added to your content creation plan. Here are some acceptable types of content you can curate on a regular basis.

Content Creation Plan: 5 Types of Curated Content you Need to Use

You’re going to have a whole team of marketers who want to give you advice on this but before you settle for any recommendations, read our 5 types of curated content you should definitely include in your strategy.

It won’t be easy to come up with trusting sources of information for each of the following types of curated content but, remember you don’t need to add every piece of text in your strategy. You’re the only one who knows how much curated content you need to build trust and improve your brand’s image.

HINT: all the following content types can easily be found and integrated into your strategy with the use of our content curation app – Curately.

1. Relevant content

Before you can curate any content, you’ll need to build information sources list. Doing this in Curately requires you to do some research then just add them to your app dashboard, so it doesn’t take up too much of your time. After this, when you want to curate content, make sure you’re picking up only the relevant articles.

By relevant content, we mean blog posts or other types of content that mean something for your audience. Even if it’s published on a trusted information source, that doesn’t mean it’s targeted for your readers and possible clients.

2. Validating content

Like we said before, one of the goals of curated content is to improve your brand’s image. This can be done by publishing curated content that validates your position regarding various subjects. It would be a mistake to publish content that isn’t quite aligned with your brand’s ideology, right?

3. Credible content

Content curation can be a tricky process so you’ll need to validate the curated content you’re pushing on your own website. Check for the news source and see if it’s credible. You won’t want to launch any rumors that turn out to be fake. Don’t forget that by curating content, your brand credibility is on the line. Determine if the curated content can provide quality to your content creation strategy.

5 diverse types of curated content

Don’t focus just on one type of curated content.

4. Diverse content

While it’s a good idea only to promote content that is relevant to your audience, nobody says you should try to be as diverse as possible in your content curation efforts. If you find some content that it doesn’t necessarily reflect your perspective but it adds a lot of value to your readers and fans, it may be worth to include it in your content creation plan.

This may also help find out what your audience is interested in, outside of the regular topics of discussion. Don’t be afraid to add different types of content to your strategy (infographics, videos, audio files, etc.).

5. Unique content

Yes, you can push out unique content when curating. The main idea behind your blog post won’t be unique since we’re talking about curated content but your perspective will definitely be unique. As we said on several occasions, for curated content to properly work with other tools in your content creation plan, you need to add your own perspective and transform the original content, provide context and give it a different spin.

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