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5 Untapped Sources of Great Content for New Bloggers

Most people believe that the hard part in starting a blog is hardware and software related. New Bloggers get tangled in hosting, CMS, plugins and themes details and kinda miss the point of starting a blog. I’m saying these things aren’t important, but at first you should focus your attention to your blog’s niche, content and possible distribution channels.

You’re starting a blog because you either have a hobby and want to further develop it or you’re really good at something and a blog would help you build your personal brand. Either way, you have a story and you want people to notice you.

That’s what your focus should be and not on the pretty colors on your wordpress theme. If a visitor comes to your blog and he is impressed by the design but doesn’t have any interesting content, he’s just going to close your page and you’ll never see him again.

Now that we established that you need to focus on content rather than blog design, let’s see how new bloggers can find untapped sources of great content that will help their blogs stand out.

5 Untapped Sources of Great Content for New Bloggers

New bloggers have big goals but soon learn that it takes a lot of hard work and passion to get where they want to be. They can’t possible write only great content on their blogs so that’s why, I thought of 5 untapped sources of great content they may have overlooked.

1. Youtube videos.

Video gets everyone’s attention. You don’t have to be a top blogger to see how video brings in traffic to your personal brand & blog. When tapping the video source for blog content, you have two main options. The first one would be to start your own Youtube channel and create videos but that’s only possible if you have a lot of free time and a minimum of video creating experience.

The other way Youtube videos can increase your blog’s traffic is by choosing those videos who are relevant for your niche and blog posts. This is easier for IT review blogs but can also be done on other niches as well.

If you run out of ideas, go on Youtube search and look for videos relevant for your audience. You can do your own review or start writing an article from the video’s original idea.

(NOTE: We’re adding a Youtube module into Curately right now, thanks to tons of member requests!)

2. Top Bloggers’ Content.

You can get so many ideas from people who have been blogging for a longer period of time and have established themselves as top bloggers. Almost all important bloggers will have widgets with their most commented, viewed or shared blog posts.

This was actually the primary sentiment behind Curately…  It’s very hard to write a new, original blog post.  Sometimes, the BEST blog post that you can write is a summary of 11 other blog posts!  You introduce your readers to new ideas, get free traffic, and other bloggers love you for spreading the word for them!

I’m not recommending you to steal their content but if there’s one good place to find great content ideas from other bloggers, that would be it. Don’t forget to add some links to the original blog post if you decide to have your own take at the story.

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Search for relevant trends

3. Relevant trends.

Let’s say you’re a fitness blogger who has his own way of training and wants to make a name for himself. You could always tap into the above great content sources and also look for any relevant trends and blog subjects. Create a reading list of websites where you find news related to your niche and cross reference it with what the top bloggers write. You’ll find some trends in no time.

I mentioned the fitness niche because every other month I read about someone’s new amazing idea or rant that goes incredibly wrong. These are all great content sources you can tap and spark your own blog’s viewership.

4. Facebook groups & forums.

People tend to organize in groups depending on their beliefs and interests. If your blog’s niche is one that many people identify themselves with, you will surely find Facebook groups for that interest. When doing this, you should aim not to bite more than you can chew. If your blog would have a bigger local impact then look for local Facebook groups and forums.

I mentioned them together (groups and forums) because they seem to apply to different niches. You’ll probably find more forums for IT niched blogs and more Facebook groups for cooking, events, etc.

5. Your area.

There is great content all around us and your own town or immediate area is no exception to this rule. You can easily get new content ideas just by taking a walk down your favorite area of the town or just by eating at a restaurant.

Writing about local stuff while applying your personal touch will spark up interest in the local community. For example, if you’re a food blogger you could do a top 10 review for local restaurants or if you’re a gadget review blogger you can take some time and track down the best prices in retails stores from your area.

I really believe there are a lot of untapped sources for great content that new bloggers can discover. They just need to realize that content is way more important than blog design at first. Of course I’m not recommending them to have awful blog templates but any minimal WordPress free theme will do at first.

Content is king if you want lots of traffic and need the ability to turn leads into sales…  Oh, and Curately helps put it all at your fingertips!

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