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7 Unusual Places to Find Quality Blog Posts Ideas

Many bloggers have times when they struggle to maintain a healthy blog posts calendar. There are a lot of reasons why this could happen to start from health problems to canceled meetings, but we’re not going to focus on this.

Whatever the reason may be, you’ll find yourself in a tricky position – when you don’t have anything to write about. You’ll see this happening once in a while and you’ll say there’s no problem, you’ll fix it along the way, but that’s not what will happen. If something happens several times over a longer period of time, it may transform into a bad habit for your blogging career.

The good thing is it doesn’t have to reach that painful point in your blogging journey and you can use the following advice to never be in the position where you don’t have any quality blog posts ideas.

Have a blog posts calendar. It doesn’t matter if you’re keeping it in your Google Drive or use a WordPress plugin for this. Having a clear image of your publication schedule will encourage you not to make mistakes.

Set up blog posts ideas list. Maybe you will need them, maybe you won’t, but why take the chance? Challenge yourself and create a blog posts ideas list for your niche blog. How many topics can you add? 10? 100?

Curate content. This will help you to publish quality content when time isn’t on your side or you want to create your content creation strategy.

7 Unusual places to find quality blog posts ideas

When you’re creating your blog posts ideas lists or just looking for your next blog post, make sure to look in the following places. They are a bit unusual for the typical blog but that’s what it makes them even more valuable.

1. The comments section on your blog.

Most bloggers will disable comments on their blogs just so they won’t have to fight SPAM but that’s a bad decision. Install a SPAM protection plugin such as Akismet and allow people to leave comments on your blog. You’ll be surprised how many quality blog posts ideas you’ll find in your blog comments section.

2. At the events you attend.

When you’re going to a niche event, you focus on what the speakers have to say, but are you really paying attention? Seeing how you just have one or two hours in the company of experts and niche specialists it would be a great idea to take notes. You’ll end up with a lot of blog posts ideas you can publish on your niche blog. Don’t forget to add context and link to the speaker who gave you the idea. Who knows, maybe he’ll even share your article.

find blog posts ideas at events

Use your time at events to come up with blog posts ideas.

3. On other blogs.

You’re not the only blogger in your niche, right? Well, if this is the case, why not browse those other blogs in the search for quality blog posts. We’re not recommending you to copy/paste their articles but search for article ideas for your own blog.

To make things easier, we created Curately – the web app that allows you to publish curated content from almost any blog. It’s really simple to use and it will enable you to have a healthy content creation strategy.

Create an account on Curately, add your blog sources and look for any blog posts that your readers may like. Using the web app add snippets from those articles and create your own quality blog posts, targeted for your audience.

4. Your old content.

You don’t have to go looking too far for quality blog posts ideas – you may find them on your own blog. Search for older blog posts with a lot of comments or articles that feature statistics. You’ll have two options:

  • Update the old post with new data, without changing its URL or publication date so you don’t lose any SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.
  • Write a new blog post using the old one as context.

5. Google’s result pages for other people’s old but high-ranking content.

Do your research and look for important topics in your niche. You’ll surely find some old but high-ranking content on the first pages of Google search. Analyze that content and see how you can adapt it to our times and bring in new traffic. There’s a high chance that Google will replace the old link with the newer one if it has the same success.

6. In your favorite TV shows

This is not a new practice for content creators but it can be for your blog. What’s your favorite TV show? Game of Thrones, X-Files, The Walking Dead? As long as it’s a popular show, it doesn’t really matter. Use the popular TV shows to create quality blog posts on your own website.

“(Your Niche) Things I’ve learned from (Your favorite TV show)” is just one example of a quality blog post you can publish.

7. Recent events

Every one of us reads the news. You could use this to your own advantage and come up with some quality blog posts for your online business. Our advice would be to focus on current events that are somehow related to your niche or bigger events that a lot of people relate to (sports events, political events, social events).

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