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13+ Attention-Grabbing Social Media Apps That Connect You With Millennials

It’s no secret that teenagers and young adults make or break an social media app. If they like it, it will take off like wildfire but if it doesn’t you’ll just struggle to keep your low audience. We’re not going to talk about building iOS or Android apps but we’ll help you connect with the younger generation.

Why would you want this?

You want to grab their attention so you can sell them products, ideas or provide them with ways to communicate while growing your business. If you didn’t know, 87% of millennials always take their smartphone with them and use the camera at least once a day.

Millennials make up for 25% of the United States’ population so missing on the opportunity to connect with them would be a big mistake for your business.

Now that we established a starting point for this discussion, let’s see what are some trending & attention-grabbing apps that help you connect with this younger generation.

Social Media Apps you should use to connect with millennials

What makes millennials different from other age groups when it comes to social media apps? It’s actually quite simple, young people love to be in front of the camera, they’re image-orientated individuals and they want to get noticed. The following attention-grabbing apps focus on this aspect and will allow you to connect with the younger generation.


Lip Sync Battle is a TV show presented by LL Cool J. If you’re going to search Youtube, you’ll be amazed how many views their videos have. seems to transform this trend into a social media app where people can use sound and vision effects for video, including fast motion, time lapse, reverse, etc. to create lip syncing videos they eventually share on social networks.

The social media app raised $16.6M in August 2015 and their numbers are starting to grow since a lot of influencers joined the platform.


Unlike older age groups, millennials aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. That’s why we see a rise in Youtube videos (vlogging especially), Vine and other social networks. seems to be one of those social media apps that saw the comeback of podcasts and start cashing in.

Basically, Anchor is an app where you record and share audio with other people. Since voice is one of the main ways we communicate with other people, it’s really attention-grabbing. It’s easy to use and provides a way for people to share their ideas and get feedback from others.

3. Miitomo

You wouldn’t think Nintendo has something to do with social media apps, right? Think again. Miitomo just reached 4 million MAU (monthly active users) who spend at least 8 mins per day using the app. The Nintendo app already generates around $40,000 per day on iOS and Android (combined) and already surpassed some bigger competitors.

Basically, you create an avatar of yourself and an interface you use to interact with your friends, make quote cards, play games or share pictures. Experts are impressed with this social media app but have questions about the user retention since the numbers started to slowly decline.

4. Wattpad

People love to read and the following social media app is here to provide long-form content to millennials who find themselves in this category. Wattpad has 40 monthly unique users (78% millennials and Generation Z) who spend more than half an hour on the app. The app also has a high number of signups every day ~ 110 thousand.

It’s a great place for writers or businesses to interact with the younger audience. You can brand your stories by combining it with video, images and music or have a story written for you. If that’s not your choice, you can reach millennials on Wattpad through native ads.

social media apps millennials

What Social Media app you use to connect with millennials?

5. Down To Lunch

This apps shows us things don’t have to be complicated to spark interest within millennials user base. Down To Lunch is a really new social media app that allows you to meet with your friends for meals. I guess it works so much better in big businesses and that a lot of users are coworkers. Outside that, it’s being used by millennials to get in touch with each other and organize meetups.

The app already has 100,000 + installs on Android alone.

6. Wishbone

This or that? Millennials love to share their opinion and with 3.1M monthly users, Wishbone seems to be the place where the younger generation comes to provide feedback and make choices. The app lets it users compare all types of social content from sports, fashion to music and celebrities. It generates revenue through ads and micro-transactions.

Of course there are some other well-established apps that grab attention for millennials but we tried to provide you with a list of newer and trending social media apps you might not heard off.

This list of attention-grabbing social media apps that allow you to connect with millennials couldn’t be complete without mentioning other big players such as:

  • Snapchat
  • Periscope
  • Meerkat
  • WeChat
  • Kik
  • Yik Yak
  • Instgram
  • Whatsapp
  • and others.

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