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10 Social Media Tips & Tricks That Don’t Work in 2016

As such, there are dozens of tips and trick out there on how to use social network platforms effectively. Many of these tips just don’t work. Some of these tactics might have worked a few years ago. But as users change over time, so does social media. And some of these tricks never worked in…

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78 Marketing Task to Outsource

78 Marketing Task To Outsource and 80 Tips To Improve Content Marketing

If you’re like me, you stay busy. Running a business is a tall order in and of itself. When you throw marketing into the mix, things can quickly become overwhelming. If you haven’t felt this way yet, you’re going to feel it soon: There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Here is one thing I learned…

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3 Ways to Get a Facebook Ad Coupon and How to Optimize Blog Post.

  Is there such a thing as free advertising? It’s understandable if you’re more or less sceptical about this. After all, advertisements rake in money…so it’s natural for them to be paid. However, in order for a company to really start advertising around the internet, it will sometimes need a small initial push. This holds…

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web design 2016

11 Web Design Techniques That Improve User Engagement and Conversion

How do UX professionals define conversion optimization? According to Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX book, conversion optimization is about “finding the right mix of value proposition, call to action and price point to convince a customer to take a deeper level of engagement with your product or service.” However a “Conversion optimization consultant” is…

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Monetize Your Website

7 Excellent Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively

How to monetize a blog and start earning some actual money online? We all know that there are so numerous of approaches to money from blogging, but most of them are old and won’t work now. So I won’t be sharing them here. Instead, I’ll provide you some practical approaches to earn money from blogging.…

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Top 10 SEO Tools for 2016

The Top 10 SEO Tools You Should Be Utilizing Heading Into 2017

Let us start with a warning. SEO is still emerging. What was appropriate and worked three years ago do not have any influence today. In fact, what works today may not work always. Yahoo and the likes of Google or Bing are continually modifying the rules of the game. It is critical for search engines…

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4 Essential Steps in Your Influencer Marketing Procedure

Influencer marketing is one of the greatest trends in marketing groups at the time and for a great purpose. Acquiring an influencer’s help for your company can be magic, but there is a barrier in the current method. Bombarded with mentions the buzzword, marketers have grown plagued with the very thought of influencers and are…

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The 5 Greatest Social Media Marketing Tools

The 5 Greatest Social Media Marketing Tools You Aren’t Using

Are you still tracking tweets, likes, favorites, followers, and comments the old-fashioned way? In 2016, say goodbye to old, clunky dashboards and manual social media account management. Although you should now be accustomed to some of the larger names in social media, account management like Hootsuite and TweetDeck, simple account management doesn’t finish there. Here…

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content strategy without blogging

Content Strategy for Clients Who Don’t Like Blogging

Let’s say you run a web development agency and run across a client who will pay you a lot of money to optimize his content and help him rank higher in search engines. There’s only one catch – the client doesn’t want to invest in blogging. How can you create a content strategy for that…

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boost blog content traffic videos

How To Boost Blog Content Traffic Using Video

Probably the best advice you’ll get from content marketers is to write quality blog posts so your blog content propels you higher in the Google SERP or whatever search engine you’re trying to optimize for. While writing quality content should be one of the top priorities for your business, that’s just one piece of the…

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