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content strategy using video

How to Create a Stellar Content Strategy Using Videos

One of the biggest mistakes marketers tend to make is to center their content strategy only around written content. They’ll add some infographics and presentation to the mix, from time to time, but they won’t add any video content. Why is that? We could say it’s the lack of experience or the client’s desire not…

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5 Types of Curated Content

5 Types of Curated Content You Need to Use in Your Content Creation Strategy

Just like other types of content you constantly add on your websites, curated content has a clear purpose of building trust and improving your image in the eyes of possible clients. There are some secondary benefits as well, such as: increasing your social media channels engagement rate and optimizing your website content for search engines.…

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pokemon go blog opportunity

2016 Blogging Niche Opportunity – Pokémon GO Blog

Have you noticed how trends tend to come up and develop faster than they did a few years ago? Just look at Snapchat that just exploded a year or so ago. It took them a few years before they can become popular, right? Facebook video, boosted by major investments on Zuckerberg’s part is already a fully…

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curated content myths 2016

7 Curated Content Myths for 2016 – True or False?

The Internet is full of so-called experts that know everything about every marketing tactic you ever tried. They will continuously tell you how you’re doing the wrong things and how “that won’t work” without even trying to apply those tactics to their online business. Some of these people believe that curated content isn’t viable for…

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drone blog guide

How to Start a Drone Blog and Make Money Online

2016 has become the year when more and more profitable niches start to rise and allow people to make money only through blogging. You’re still going to be able to blog about the established niches such as health, making money or similar topics but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try new things, give…

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content curation examples

5 Curated Content Examples to Optimize Your Content Creation Strategy

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about curated content and we’ve given you some of the best practices when it comes to creating quality content from other people’s ideas. Curated content is much more than using other people’s content in your marketing strategy and by the end of this article, you too will believe…

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find blog posts ideas

7 Unusual Places to Find Quality Blog Posts Ideas

Many bloggers have times when they struggle to maintain a healthy blog posts calendar. There are a lot of reasons why this could happen to start from health problems to canceled meetings, but we’re not going to focus on this. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll find yourself in a tricky position – when you…

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taken seriously as a blogger

How to Be Taken Seriously as a Blogger in 2016

Blogging has come a long way since the phenomena first started. If you’re and old school blogger, you’ll remember for sure the “darker” times of blogging on free platforms with limited resources and doubtful ownership for your content. What has started as a way to share thoughts and personal opinions with close friends and family…

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quality blog posts in under 60 minutes

7 Easy Steps to Create a Quality Blog Post in Under 60 Minutes

Some businesses have the luxury of hiring a content creation team but what should you do if you don’t have the resources for this? Are you going to give up on quality content on your websites? That would be a mistake. You need quality content on your website or blog because it allows you to interact…

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social networks for growing business

How to Choose Between 11 Social Networks to Grow Your Business

If you were thinking that your business doesn’t need to be present on some social network, you may be right. At least to some extent. While having and maintaining a social media profile for your business is always a smart decision, you won’t have to invest a lot for your business to grow on these…

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