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Blogging 101: From Draft To An Epic Blog Post

So you want to be the next top blogger in your niche? Do you add fresh content on a regular basis but you still feel like something’s wrong because your blog posts don’t get a lot of traction? You probably don’t have many comments and your content isn’t shared on social networks. All these things make you doubt your initial idea and the dream of becoming an authority in your field.

All these things make you doubt your initial idea and the dream of becoming an authority in your field. You need to take some time and analyze your blogging activity, trying to find out what’s holding you back.

Most bloggers will give up writing blog posts after a few months after they don’t see any improvements in traffic and social shares, but is this the real problem? New bloggers lack patience and don’t spend enough time researching and writing epic blog posts. Just like some business owners who think Social Media and SEO are really easy tasks that they do on their own, some bloggers also feel they don’t need to learn anything before starting to write blog posts.

That’s not true. Experienced bloggers already have personalized checklists they go over before pressing the “publish” button and if you read on, we’ll help you create your very own easy to-do list to transform a draft into an epic blog post.

New bloggers: Epic blog post checklist (before publishing)

When new people start blogging, they don’t realize that it takes a lot of effort to write an epic blog post and that effort is equally split between “draft mode” and “published article”. Yes, you may have a great blog post idea and you will publish it eventually, but before that, just check all the following from your to-do list.

✓ Is your blog post topic unique?

We’re not telling you to reinvent the wheel but the internet is starting to become so boring since everyone is copying everyone, without providing any small drop of originality. Here’s what to do.

  • Start with your idea.
  • If you don’t have one – create an account on Curately.
  • Create a list of authority blogs in your niche and search for hot topics.
  • Using Curately use the original blog post and add it to your article.
  • Add your personal touch, making it unique.

✓ Edit and proofread your draft

You need to make sure your blog post doesn’t have any grammar mistakes. Start by reading your blog post one paragraph at a time but start with the end. This allows you not to skip any words or phrases. Repeat this step but read one sentence at a time.

Use web tools such as the Hemingway editor and Grammarly app to check for any mistakes and make sure you verify any links you may have. Click on each link and check if it points to the right page.

epic blog post text structure

Analyze your draft’s text structure.

✓ Check the text structure

If you want to write an epic blog post and compete with other blogs in your niche, we recommend giving long-form content a go since it seems that this type of blog post is ranking better in SERP. Although there isn’t an ideal blog post length, you need to check the text structure and make it easier to read. Focus on splitting the text into paragraphs, use headers and bold out any key words or sentences (you can also try to single them out by adding them on a new line between paragraphs).

Don’t forget to respect the basic text structure (introduction, content, conclusion). At the same time, focus on giving your reader a sense of conclusion by adding a call to action.

✓ Add and optimize relevant images

Your soon-to-be epic blog post needs a good image. Combining photos and text will increase viewer retention and engagement. Make sure your image is big enough to be used on social networks but small enough (file size) to ensure it loads really fast.

Adding an alt tag for your images will improve your page SEO and help search engines rank your content accordingly. You can also add a caption for your image since it will allow you to keep the reader engaged with your content.

✓ Double-check your blog post title

Studies show that 70% people who interact with content on Facebook only read the title and first paragraph for most articles. If you’re planning to share you epic blog post on Facebook or other social networks you need a catchy title.

There are several tools online that help you create better headlines. Just don’t use clickbait headlines and titles to falsely sell your content since it will do more harm than good.

✓ Add meta info, category, and relevant tags

You’ve probably optimized your content for specific keywords but you’ll still need to edit the meta title and meta description for your blog post. After you’ve done that, make sure you add the soon-to-be epic blog post in the right category and point out any relevant tags. This helps your readers to find similar information and improves your site structure.

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