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Blogging 101: How To Organize a Blog Contest

There’s no easy way to put this – if you want to be a successful blogger, you’ll need to work hard, build a strong online presence and keep your audience close to you at all times. Blogs are just empty vessels without their readers so if you want to be a top blogger, you should find ways to keep your audience entertained and wanting more from you and your blog.

You can keep your readers satisfied by providing quality content on a regular basis but if you want to stand out of the crowd, you should consider organizing a blog contest to offer something in return to your readers for supporting you all this time.

One of the best times to organize a blog contest is when you celebrate an anniversary (blog or personal) but you can push some other dates for giveaways or other types of contests. For example, you can organize contests for the following events:

  • Receiving promotional products from advertisers.
  • Writing an eBook.
  • Reaching a target (email list subscribers, number of blog posts, visitors, etc.)
  • Holidays.
  • Important events.

If you’re a new or trending blogger, you’ll want to know every aspect of organizing a blog contest so make sure you read this article till the end for a full checklist for blog contests.

How to organize a blog contest

Don’t just write a blog post telling your readers you’re giving away a product. Organizing successful blog contests takes more time, research and involvement on your end. Here are the steps you need to take to organize a blog contest.

Choose the prize(s).

Like I said above, you can organize a blog contest for certain events and choosing a prize (or more) is an important part of your organizing tasks. Depending on your finances and the event, you can offer one or more prizes so try to make it clear what people can win.

If you have a sponsor for your blog contest, think how you can divide the products you got for this event. Organizing a contests for your eBook launch? Then don’t just offer a copy of your book but think of rewarding more than one reader.

blog contest checklist

How can readers sign up for your blog contest?

Think of an entry method for your readers.

When you organize a blog contest you need to come up with clear ways for people to sign up. You have several options regarding to entry methods, here are just a few:

  • Leaving a comment on your blog.
  • Sharing your blog posts (and put the URL of proof in comments).
  • Sign up for email list.
  • Writing a blog posts on their own blogs.
  • Liking your Facebook page.*
  • Following you on Twitter.*

*Some services allow you to add social media interactions in your blog contests. This means you’ll have to sign up and embed a contest form on your blog post.

Now that you have your entry methods, think about a ranking system for them. For example, they could get 1 chance for leaving a comment but 3 chances for writing a blog post. The alternative would be to choose an easy way to sign up and give everybody the same chance to win.

Don’t forget to set up an easy way to count all the entries. If you sign up for a website specialized in online contests, they’ll probably have ways to count the entries, but if you do it on your own, set up a Google spreadsheet or some other form of counting the blog contest entries.

Tease your readers before writing the blog post.

I know you want to organize the contest as soon as possible but you should think about teasing your readers before writing the blog post. You can use your Facebook or Twitter page to give out hints about the blog contest. For example, you can tease your readers by making them guess:

  • The date of the contest.
  • The blog contest sponsor.
  • The blog contest prizes.

I would recommend you to set up a teasing phase of at least one week so you build up interest and even get some more followers along the way.

Write your blog contest post.

When the day comes you can write you blog post announcing all the details. Make sure to add everything your readers have to know (contest start and end date, ways of entry, contest mechanism) and make a short but comprehensive statement about why you’re organizing the contest. Don’t forget to talk about your sponsor (if you have one) and try to pitch your readers some other resources you may have.

After you wrote the blog post, send it on your social media pages and don’t forget to remind your fans from time to time what they can win and until when the contest is open.

Announce the winner.

Make sure you announce the winner on the exact date you mentioned in the original article. I would suggest to write a new blog post where you announce who won what (in case you have more than one prize) so you’ll get some more traffic and comments to your blog posts. Don’t forget to update the original blog contest post with the name of the winners and with a reminder that the contest is over.

Use these 2 blog posts to squeeze some more traffic. Since they’ll keep getting visitors even after that contest ended, use them to redirect visitors to any new blog contests you may have.

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