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content boost serp rankings

3 Types of Blog Content That Boost Your SERP Rankings

Remember those times when it was enough to start your blog on a free platform such as or, start writing some blog posts, share them with friends and then BAM! you were a blogger with an audience, web traffic, and maybe some money? While this is still possible, it’s not what most people…

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virtual reality blog

How to Start a VR (Virtual Reality) Blog and Make Money Online

If you had doubts until now to start a blog and make money online, 2016 is the year to do it. The number of ways you can get an income from blogging has sky-rocketed in the past year thanks to the new emerging niches you should really look into. Next to the evergreen niches (if…

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Boost Blog Traffic & Readership

6 Effective Tips To Boost Blog Traffic & Readership

If you take a look at our articles from the past months, you’ll see how we’re trying to give bloggers the best tools, tips, and tricks to have a better blogging experience and more income from their online business. We’re trying to focus on blog posts that allow bloggers to improve by learning and applying…

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draft to epic blog post

Blogging 101: From Draft To An Epic Blog Post

So you want to be the next top blogger in your niche? Do you add fresh content on a regular basis but you still feel like something’s wrong because your blog posts don’t get a lot of traction? You probably don’t have many comments and your content isn’t shared on social networks. All these things…

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blogging courses

8 High-Income Blogging Courses You Can Sell On Udemy

Blogging can provide you with a steady income but not all money will be coming from your blog posts or blog traffic. Your small online business can bring you income from more than one source and if you’re smart, you’ll set up your very own strategy to make money from blogging. If you haven’t done…

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blogging for mobile devices

Advanced Guide: Blogging For Mobile Devices

Thanks to millennials and other categories of the younger generations, using a mobile device to browse the Internet is seen as a normal thing to do and it’s safe to say it won’t go anywhere anytime soon. More than this, when you add video to the equation you end up with a successful way to reach…

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Monetize Your Blog in 2016

6 Foolproof Methods To Monetize Your Blog in 2016

What’s the best method to monetize your blog in 2016? Is it traffic? Sure, having a lot of traffic is highly beneficial for a blogger as long as that traffic is targeted and converts into some specified goals. You could  have a high-traffic blog but still earn just a few cents every month from advertising.…

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long-form blog post perfect

Blogging 101: Your Long-Form Blog Post Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

We’ve been pushing the idea of long-form content for a while on our blog and we recommend this tactic for any new bloggers that want a boost in rankings and readership. While long blog posts really help new & established bloggers alike, we agree that writing long-form content isn’t the easiest of tasks. Please don’t…

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microblogging for business

How To Properly Implement Microblogging In Your Content Strategy

Blogging is a viable option for online businesses to add website content and links while maintaining a strong connection with clients, fans and blog readers. But what about microblogging? Is this a suitable option for your content strategy? It can be. Microblogging is just it sounds like – really short-form content you publish on your…

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amp up blog posts

Quick Guide To Amp Up Blog Posts So They Stand Out

Most bloggers don’t have marketing budgets or they don’t have the time to promote their work as they would want to. This comes up mostly because they start their blog on their own and just want to publish quality content for people with the same interests. As their audience grows so do the expectations. This…

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