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creative ways improve blogging skills

6 Creative Ways To Improve Your Blogging Skills

When we created this blog post we meant it to help new bloggers but soon after we drafted the first ideas, we soon realized that even the older bloggers have moments when they think that they’re not doing enough or aren’t able to escape a writer’s block. Improving your blogging skills is a subject of interest…

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quality blog post in under 60 minutes

5 Questions & Answers About The Ideal Blog Post Length

Did you ever ask yourself why some blog posts rank better than others? We’re also curious to see what posts rank higher in Google and what factors come to work in the crawler’s algorithm. After a few hours of research, we come to understand the importance the blog post’s length. People are asking if there…

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content curation examples

8 Clever Blog Posts Ideas That Will Get You Tons Of Backlinks

If you want to run a successful blog, you’ll need more than just a desire to write blog posts. There are more aspects of which a blogger should be aware of including: social media, keyword optimization, SEM, quality backlinks and more. It’s not enough just to write a blog post and expect thousands of page…

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intrusive blog ads

5 Types Of Intrusive Blog Ads You Need To Stop Using

Competition is a good thing but how some online business respond to it is something different. Let’s take a look at the online advertising industry and how it was affected by the rise of quality blogs or new ways to deliver content. If you find a good way to make money online, you can bet…

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guide blog traffic

2016 Guide: How To Build Up Blog Traffic In 4 Easy Steps

So? What happened? Did you make a mistake in your content marketing strategy or did your readers started leaving your blog for some reason? Since you click on the link of this article, something bad happened and you’d like to get back that high blog traffic you’ve had for years… that kinda disappeared in 2016.…

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unique content blog

How To Find Unique Content For a Successful Blog

People say that making the first step is always the most difficult. When it comes to blogging, this piece of advice seems to be fading over the years. Why is this happening? Starting a blog has become way easier than maintaining one (and be successful at it). There are several platforms where you can start…

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blog ads conversion rate strategies

5 Smart Strategies To Increase Blog Ads Conversion Rate

Some people will tell you that certain types of blogs convert better when it comes to blog ads, but is that really true? I’m saying it doesn’t. A high blog ads conversion rate shouldn’t have anything to do with your blog’s niche. To have a successful network of blog that bring you income from ads,…

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onsite SEO business

Is On-Site or Off-Site SEO More Valuable For Your Business? (I)

Many business owners fail to grasp the importance of SEO. Some of them only focus on Social Media Marketing while having an one-page website while others put all their money on optimizing their content. I said this a few times now… If you want your online business to succeed, you need to find the right…

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blog posts video content creators

5 Blog Posts Ideas To Boost Income For Video Content Creators

Youtube is a great source of content for internet users and an important income generator for video content creators. No other video platform comes close to Youtube if we’re talking about community, rewarding content creators and usability. There are even more aspects that make Youtube better than Facebook for people who live from making online…

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essential wordpress plugins

6 Essential WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers in 2016

Blogging like other online businesses may seem easy but the truth is you need to be really careful or you might end up on the losers side. There are so many things that can go wrong when starting a blog so you’ll need to look over every aspect of your small online business. If you’re…

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