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sell blog ads

How To Sell Blog Ads And Generate Fast Money

Most people start a blog because they want to share their passion for a specific thing or they see an opportunity in a niche and want to take advantage as soon as possible. A few years ago, generating money from a blog was something some people just dreamed about but in 2016, it’s become a…

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how to organize blog contest

Blogging 101: How To Organize a Blog Contest

There’s no easy way to put this – if you want to be a successful blogger, you’ll need to work hard, build a strong online presence and keep your audience close to you at all times. Blogs are just empty vessels without their readers so if you want to be a top blogger, you should find ways…

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blog posts ideas freelance bloggers

5 Blog Posts Ideas To Spark a Conversation As a Freelance Blogger

Some people dream about being a freelance blogger, others are already living their dream. If you take a look at Upwork’s latest study, you’ll find out that almost 54 million Americans are working as freelancers. That’s no surprise since the latest trends and technology developments are making freelancing a great way to earn more for…

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monetize a blog

5 Trending Ways To Monetize a Blog Without Using Ads

If you’re going to take a moment and do some research about how to monetize a blog, you’ll find out that most people recommend using ads in 99% of the cases. Yes, ads are probably the most easy way to monetize your website but what are you going to do if that’s not an option?…

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blog Most Profitable Niches

Most Profitable Niches to Start a Blog in 2016

It’s never too late to start doing something you love… and that is 200% true for online businesses. The way I see it, blogging is an online business that won’t go away anytime soon and it can transform into something really big. Many entrepreneurs who now have startups started their online journey with the help…

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bloggers mistakes content

4 Mistakes Bloggers Make and the Simple Way to Fix Them

I noticed something really interesting about bloggers who start their little business but soon give up because they think it’s going nowhere. After seeing how several blogs I was watching just stopped being relevant and posting new content, I took some time and analysed what went wrong. If you discovered your passion or an online…

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profitable blog

Blogging 101: 6 Proven Tips to Have a Profitable Blog

If you have an ideea and transform it into a blog, that doesn’t guarantee you success. It doesn’t matter if the ideea is unique and you’re the first one to think about it. In the blogging world, there are some things you have to cross of your checklist to have a profitable blog. If the…

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website traffic wordpress

4 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic & Minimize Bounce Rate on WordPress

I love WordPress. In 2008 I started a personal blog using it was so clunky and difficult to deal with. I soon switched to and finally took a big step, bought my own hosting, domain and started using the CMS (content management system). I felt so free. No more restrictions for design…

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great content new bloggers

5 Untapped Sources of Great Content for New Bloggers

Most people believe that the hard part in starting a blog is hardware and software related. New Bloggers get tangled in hosting, CMS, plugins and themes details and kinda miss the point of starting a blog. I’m saying these things aren’t important, but at first you should focus your attention to your blog’s niche, content and…

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over-optimize online content

Can You Over-Optimize Online Content?

You put out online content on a regular basis and you try to optimize it as much as you can. You start writing your website or blog content to optimize a keyword, you target posts for specific audiences, and you optimize your images for various Social Media platforms. There is a lot of stuff you…

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