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off-site seo on a budget

On-Site or Off-Site SEO: What’s More Valuable For Your Business? (II)

Last week we took some time and talked about On-Site SEO so we could find out if it’s more valuable for your online business than Off-Site optimization. Some website owners find themselves in the position to choose between these two options and more often than not they make the wrong decision. Like we said in…

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unique content blog

How To Find Unique Content For a Successful Blog

People say that making the first step is always the most difficult. When it comes to blogging, this piece of advice seems to be fading over the years. Why is this happening? Starting a blog has become way easier than maintaining one (and be successful at it). There are several platforms where you can start…

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repurposed content

8 Powerful Ways To Use Repurposed Content On Your Social Media Pages

It’s not easy to always bring new content to your social media pages and accounts. You can always to tap in to some good content sources such as the latest news, hottest trends and niche subjects but that can’t possibly fill in a full post calendar, right? Don’t worry. There is a secret that social…

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blog ads conversion rate strategies

5 Smart Strategies To Increase Blog Ads Conversion Rate

Some people will tell you that certain types of blogs convert better when it comes to blog ads, but is that really true? I’m saying it doesn’t. A high blog ads conversion rate shouldn’t have anything to do with your blog’s niche. To have a successful network of blog that bring you income from ads,…

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blog posts video content creators

5 Blog Posts Ideas To Boost Income For Video Content Creators

Youtube is a great source of content for internet users and an important income generator for video content creators. No other video platform comes close to Youtube if we’re talking about community, rewarding content creators and usability. There are even more aspects that make Youtube better than Facebook for people who live from making online…

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content marketing trends 2016

Are These The Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2016?

Remember when creating content was a simple task and how you spent so little effort in delivering content to your users? Well, 2016 is a game changer year – so many content marketing trends are bringing new stuff to the table and disrupting how marketers are doing their jobs. The past years showed us an explosion…

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essential wordpress plugins

6 Essential WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers in 2016

Blogging like other online businesses may seem easy but the truth is you need to be really careful or you might end up on the losers side. There are so many things that can go wrong when starting a blog so you’ll need to look over every aspect of your small online business. If you’re…

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small business SEO agency

Small Business Checklist When Hiring a SEO Agency

Hiring a SEO company or agency can be a difficult job – mainly because as a local or small business you’re not experienced in this field and you’re afraid not to spend money and not get any results. Depending on your business size, you have several options regarding SEO for your projects: You can do…

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facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing Tactics That Need to Disappear in 2016

I don’t spend that much time on Facebook and even if I do, I just follow up on family members, some news and little chit chat. Actually, I think I spend more time reading about Facebook and other social networks marketing tactics than actually using them. Don’t get me wrong, I research, test and apply new stuff…

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profitable blog

Blogging 101: 6 Proven Tips to Have a Profitable Blog

If you have an ideea and transform it into a blog, that doesn’t guarantee you success. It doesn’t matter if the ideea is unique and you’re the first one to think about it. In the blogging world, there are some things you have to cross of your checklist to have a profitable blog. If the…

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