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Monetize Your Website

7 Excellent Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively

How to monetize a blog and start earning some actual money online? We all know that there are so numerous of approaches to money from blogging, but most of them are old and won’t work now. So I won’t be sharing them here. Instead, I’ll provide you some practical approaches to earn money from blogging.…

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pokemon go blog opportunity

2016 Blogging Niche Opportunity – Pokémon GO Blog

Have you noticed how trends tend to come up and develop faster than they did a few years ago? Just look at Snapchat that just exploded a year or so ago. It took them a few years before they can become popular, right? Facebook video, boosted by major investments on Zuckerberg’s part is already a fully…

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drone blog guide

How to Start a Drone Blog and Make Money Online

2016 has become the year when more and more profitable niches start to rise and allow people to make money only through blogging. You’re still going to be able to blog about the established niches such as health, making money or similar topics but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try new things, give…

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virtual reality blog

How to Start a VR (Virtual Reality) Blog and Make Money Online

If you had doubts until now to start a blog and make money online, 2016 is the year to do it. The number of ways you can get an income from blogging has sky-rocketed in the past year thanks to the new emerging niches you should really look into. Next to the evergreen niches (if…

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blogging courses

8 High-Income Blogging Courses You Can Sell On Udemy

Blogging can provide you with a steady income but not all money will be coming from your blog posts or blog traffic. Your small online business can bring you income from more than one source and if you’re smart, you’ll set up your very own strategy to make money from blogging. If you haven’t done…

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Monetize Your Blog in 2016

6 Foolproof Methods To Monetize Your Blog in 2016

What’s the best method to monetize your blog in 2016? Is it traffic? Sure, having a lot of traffic is highly beneficial for a blogger as long as that traffic is targeted and converts into some specified goals. You could  have a high-traffic blog but still earn just a few cents every month from advertising.…

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intrusive blog ads

5 Types Of Intrusive Blog Ads You Need To Stop Using

Competition is a good thing but how some online business respond to it is something different. Let’s take a look at the online advertising industry and how it was affected by the rise of quality blogs or new ways to deliver content. If you find a good way to make money online, you can bet…

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blog ads conversion rate strategies

5 Smart Strategies To Increase Blog Ads Conversion Rate

Some people will tell you that certain types of blogs convert better when it comes to blog ads, but is that really true? I’m saying it doesn’t. A high blog ads conversion rate shouldn’t have anything to do with your blog’s niche. To have a successful network of blog that bring you income from ads,…

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essential wordpress plugins

6 Essential WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers in 2016

Blogging like other online businesses may seem easy but the truth is you need to be really careful or you might end up on the losers side. There are so many things that can go wrong when starting a blog so you’ll need to look over every aspect of your small online business. If you’re…

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sell blog ads

How To Sell Blog Ads And Generate Fast Money

Most people start a blog because they want to share their passion for a specific thing or they see an opportunity in a niche and want to take advantage as soon as possible. A few years ago, generating money from a blog was something some people just dreamed about but in 2016, it’s become a…

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