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5 Trending Ways To Monetize a Blog Without Using Ads

If you’re going to take a moment and do some research about how to monetize a blog, you’ll find out that most people recommend using ads in 99% of the cases. Yes, ads are probably the most easy way to monetize your website but what are you going to do if that’s not an option?…

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Most Profitable Niches to Start a Blog in 2016

It’s never too late to start doing something you love… and that is 200% true for online businesses. The way I see it, blogging is an online business that won’t go away anytime soon and it can transform into something really big. Many entrepreneurs who now have startups started their online journey with the help…

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12 Revenue Generators That’ll Supercharge Your Blog

Having a website of your own can be a pain.  I know.  There’s this constant expectation that you’ll be posting new stuff and updating it from time to time. You get by not putting any time and effort into it, but here’s the thing… Your audience needs you to add new content to your site…

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10 Ad Networks To Monetize Your Website (Without Needing To Sell Anything)

Back when I got started with my first blog, I relied 100% on ad networks.  I had given up my Pepsi truck driving gig and had no idea about getting traffic or affiliate products, so I did what anyone with a site does… I posted ads all over the place! Mind you, I only had…

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