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Facebook page reach

How Can You Quickly Improve Facebook Page Reach For Your Business?

Have you noticed a decline of your business’ Facebook page reach? This is becoming a reality for bigger businesses on Facebook since the social network is regularly dropping the organic reach in favor of paid options. While this is a reality you can’t fight, there still are several things you can do to quickly improve…

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repurposed content

8 Powerful Ways To Use Repurposed Content On Your Social Media Pages

It’s not easy to always bring new content to your social media pages and accounts. You can always to tap in to some good content sources such as the latest news, hottest trends and niche subjects but that can’t possibly fill in a full post calendar, right? Don’t worry. There is a secret that social…

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facebook live video

How To Build Up Engagement Rate With Facebook Live Video

Live video isn’t new. There are several services online that allow you to start streaming live video. You can do this on Youtube, Twitch, Livestream and other similar websites but you’ll have a limited audience since (almost) everyone is on Facebook. This is probably the only advantage people who stream live video on Facebook have –…

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social media apps

13+ Attention-Grabbing Social Media Apps That Connect You With Millennials

It’s no secret that teenagers and young adults make or break an social media app. If they like it, it will take off like wildfire but if it doesn’t you’ll just struggle to keep your low audience. We’re not going to talk about building iOS or Android apps but we’ll help you connect with the…

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relevant traffic

How To Use Social Media To Get Relevant Traffic To Your Blog

No matter what type of blog you’re running, there is one thing you know for sure. You need blog traffic and not just any kind of traffic but relevant one. You’re looking for people interested to your content, users who will buy your products, click on your affiliate links or interact with your knowledge articles.…

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social media small businesses

Social Media Best Practices For Small Businesses

The current business climate offers small businesses a lot of opportunities to build their fan base and increase conversions. At the same times having all these tools at their fingertips means that everyone can access them. For small businesses it all comes down to applying the best practices and avoiding the mistakes. Who does this…

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facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing Tactics That Need to Disappear in 2016

I don’t spend that much time on Facebook and even if I do, I just follow up on family members, some news and little chit chat. Actually, I think I spend more time reading about Facebook and other social networks marketing tactics than actually using them. Don’t get me wrong, I research, test and apply new stuff…

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