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blogging while on vacation

How to Rock at Blogging While on Vacation

Summer is the busiest time of the year for most bloggers. This happens because they’re going to events, meet-ups, publish more content but, at the same time, the summer vacation kicks in. If for usual people going on vacation is equal to a few days or weeks of fun, for bloggers, going on vacation is…

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display ads increase conversion

Where To Display Your Ads For An Increased Conversion Rate (2016)

If you’re still thinking that traditional advertising is still a viable option for 2016, you’re probably wrong. There are so many users that use Ad-blocking software to block regular ads and now the mobile advertising industry is starting to feel a decline in ad conversion rate as well. The usage of ad-blocking software has grown…

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draft to epic blog post

Blogging 101: From Draft To An Epic Blog Post

So you want to be the next top blogger in your niche? Do you add fresh content on a regular basis but you still feel like something’s wrong because your blog posts don’t get a lot of traction? You probably don’t have many comments and your content isn’t shared on social networks. All these things…

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creative ways improve blogging skills

6 Creative Ways To Improve Your Blogging Skills

When we created this blog post we meant it to help new bloggers but soon after we drafted the first ideas, we soon realized that even the older bloggers have moments when they think that they’re not doing enough or aren’t able to escape a writer’s block. Improving your blogging skills is a subject of interest…

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onsite SEO business

Is On-Site or Off-Site SEO More Valuable For Your Business? (I)

Many business owners fail to grasp the importance of SEO. Some of them only focus on Social Media Marketing while having an one-page website while others put all their money on optimizing their content. I said this a few times now… If you want your online business to succeed, you need to find the right…

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facebook live video

How To Build Up Engagement Rate With Facebook Live Video

Live video isn’t new. There are several services online that allow you to start streaming live video. You can do this on Youtube, Twitch, Livestream and other similar websites but you’ll have a limited audience since (almost) everyone is on Facebook. This is probably the only advantage people who stream live video on Facebook have –…

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blog posts video content creators

5 Blog Posts Ideas To Boost Income For Video Content Creators

Youtube is a great source of content for internet users and an important income generator for video content creators. No other video platform comes close to Youtube if we’re talking about community, rewarding content creators and usability. There are even more aspects that make Youtube better than Facebook for people who live from making online…

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social media apps

13+ Attention-Grabbing Social Media Apps That Connect You With Millennials

It’s no secret that teenagers and young adults make or break an social media app. If they like it, it will take off like wildfire but if it doesn’t you’ll just struggle to keep your low audience. We’re not going to talk about building iOS or Android apps but we’ll help you connect with the…

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how to organize blog contest

Blogging 101: How To Organize a Blog Contest

There’s no easy way to put this – if you want to be a successful blogger, you’ll need to work hard, build a strong online presence and keep your audience close to you at all times. Blogs are just empty vessels without their readers so if you want to be a top blogger, you should find ways…

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social media small businesses

Social Media Best Practices For Small Businesses

The current business climate offers small businesses a lot of opportunities to build their fan base and increase conversions. At the same times having all these tools at their fingertips means that everyone can access them. For small businesses it all comes down to applying the best practices and avoiding the mistakes. Who does this…

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