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4 Mistakes Bloggers Make and the Simple Way to Fix Them

I noticed something really interesting about bloggers who start their little business but soon give up because they think it’s going nowhere. After seeing how several blogs I was watching just stopped being relevant and posting new content, I took some time and analysed what went wrong. If you discovered your passion or an online…

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4 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic & Minimize Bounce Rate on WordPress

I love WordPress. In 2008 I started a personal blog using it was so clunky and difficult to deal with. I soon switched to and finally took a big step, bought my own hosting, domain and started using the CMS (content management system). I felt so free. No more restrictions for design…

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Social Media Networks & Apps Influencers Need in 2016 (I)

I’ve been pondering the idea of writing this blog post earlier during the year, where everyone was promoting their predictions for 2016. I decided not to do that because I was a bit doubtful about some apps’ success in Social Media marketing. 3 months have almost passed from 2016 and the social media networks &…

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video content strategy

4 Tips to Jumpstart Your Small Business Video Content Strategy

People’s attention to video has been always through the roof. It doesn’t really have anything to do with what’s on, we’ll keep watching, and this happens because eyesight is our dominant sense counting for about 80% of the stimulus our brain gets. That’s why television is the main source of information for so many people. But…

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over-optimize online content

Can You Over-Optimize Online Content?

You put out online content on a regular basis and you try to optimize it as much as you can. You start writing your website or blog content to optimize a keyword, you target posts for specific audiences, and you optimize your images for various Social Media platforms. There is a lot of stuff you…

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