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11 Web Design Techniques That Improve User Engagement and Conversion

How do UX professionals define conversion optimization? According to Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX book, conversion optimization is about “finding the right mix of value proposition, call to action and price point to convince a customer to take a deeper level of engagement with your product or service.” However a “Conversion optimization consultant” is…

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4 WordPress Themes To Showcase Your Content In 2016

Not every individual who wants to write about his hobby or passion knows how to set up a website and that’s not a bad thing. Many people believe that if you want to specialize in something, you have to work daily and focus only on that specific thing. This is true and it also applies…

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5 Web Design Blogs You NEED on Your Reading List

If your work ethics don’t involve researching and keeping yourself informed on all the latest trends in your field, you’re probably doing something wrong. Web Design is one of these fields where you need to have a well structured reading list so you may keep in touch with everything new in graphic & web design.…

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