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Are These The Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2016?

Remember when creating content was a simple task and how you spent so little effort in delivering content to your users? Well, 2016 is a game changer year – so many content marketing trends are bringing new stuff to the table and disrupting how marketers are doing their jobs.

The past years showed us an explosion of content sources. People are bored of static content and although it plays an important role in every business strategy, smart marketers are diversifying the content that now varies from text to images, audio and video.

…and by the looks of it, it’s not stopping here.

Content marketing trends are important data flows we need to follow so we better understand where our content strategy should be going. But what are the best content trends to follow? You shouldn’t just jump in the bandwagon because someone tells you to…

So, what are the content marketing trends we should follow in 2016?

There are so many ideas thrown out there with the hope of being the next amazing thing in content marketing that you don’t really know what to try out. Experiment too much with these trends and you may do more harm than good, experiment too little and you’ll find behind on your content marketing strategy.

Check out the following content marketing trends from 2016 and make your choice.

The rise of streamlined content.

2014 was the year when mobile internet usage surpassed the desktop internet usage. Since then the quest of optimizing your content for mobile devices developed into a real strategy marketers need to take into consideration. The latest changes provided by Google and Facebook start to paint a clear picture of what people want from mobile content.

The launch of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) articles followed by the Facebook Instant Articles shows us that mobile internet users should be prioritized and targeted content should be delivered to them. APM and Instant Articles are one of the hottest content marketing trends that are slowly turning into reality.

It’s a big gamble since your advertising options are limited when using this type of content but having your content load faster ensures that it’s delivered to mobile users and improves your retention rate.

Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles

Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles

No escape from social ads.

Organic reach starts to feel like a white whale for marketers. Social networks pushed for paid social in 2015 and this content marketing trend seems to continue in 2016. Even if you manage to capture your audience’s attention on Social Media and have a satisfactory organic reach, there is no confirmation that you’ll be able to keep this up.

Social networks find ways to lower organic reach and you need to invest in social ads. The good thing about this is you have a competitive market for ads and you can opt to switch from search ads to social ads from time to time.

Be very careful when doing this since a broad research has be to be made in order to see the results you get.

Importance of influencer marketing.

More and more people are starting to use ad blocking software in 2016. While I personally can’t blame them since I’ve seen my share of bad ad placements, horrific pop-ups and sneaky pop-unders, I signaled the need for a change in the field a long time ago.

If you want your products to be sold in 2016, you’ll need to earn the consumers’ trust. You can achieve this by using reviews, testimonials but influencer marketing has seen the biggest rise in the past year.

Almost 92% of consumers trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands and 74% of them use social media to make a decision. These numbers alone should convince you to invest in influencer marketing.

Are you a influencer? Here are 2 articles you should definitely read:

Aggregated content will make its way to your business strategy.

One of the surprising content marketing trends for 2016 is the use of aggregated content to deliver targeted articles and user generated content. Twitter and other online platforms started to fiddle with this idea and want to deliver content based on what people search and are interested about. Google uses his mobile search to silently test trending topics so why not use the same tactics for your content.

You could take advantage of Curately’s solutions for your business and test out how aggregated content can provide a boost for your business. It’s all up to you to test and gather statistics.

Curately provides you with an easy way to find out the best content sources for your blog, choose topics targeted for your readers and deliver them using the most used content management systems.

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