Boost Blog Traffic & Readership

6 Effective Tips To Boost Blog Traffic & Readership

If you take a look at our articles from the past months, you’ll see how we’re trying to give bloggers the best tools, tips, and tricks to have a better blogging experience and more income from their online business. We’re trying to focus on blog posts that allow bloggers to improve by learning and applying new tactics.

Are you one of these bloggers who want to boost blog traffic and increase their readership? Read on because we’re going to provide you some effective tips & tricks to do just that. Maybe you’re a new blogger with just 100 daily readers or 50 subscribers – it doesn’t really matter – growing your online business should be a high priority.

First of all, please note that we’re not talking about people who wait for things to happen, hoping to get a mention from an expert or to be featured on some high-traffic website. The following tips to boost blog traffic and readership are for those who understand the necessity of hard work.

6 Effective tips to boost blog traffic & readership

What can you do to improve traffic and bring in more blog readers? Well, never forget that hard work pays off and you shouldn’t run from it. If you’re applying this to your life, why not do it for your business? Buckle down, check out these tips and systematically increase your blog traffic and readership.

1. Perform a blog audit

Before you go ahead and make some changes, you need a starting point. By doing an audit of your blog you can get valuable insight. You’ll want to start with checking your blog structure and see if your categories and tags are up to date. If you have a niche blog then your categories should clearly reflect the general topics you’re tackling on a regular basis.

Continue with analyzing your blog’s pages and see how you can improve that content. Only have one line of text on your about page? Did you want to set up a pricing page for your freelance services but you don’t seem to have the time? Start there. Make sure your blog is in optimal condition.

blog audit to increase traffic

Want to increase blog traffic? Start by performing a blog audit.

2. Tell people close to you about your blog

If you’re just starting out and you only have 10-100 blog readers, go ahead and use word of mouth to promote yourself. Share your blog address with your family, friends or co-workers and ask them to check it out. Even if they’re not interested in the subject you’re writing about, there is a high chance that they’ll recommend to people who are.

3. Spice up your content

You probably don’t have a content calendar and write blog posts at random times. We’re not recommending you to write click-bait headlines or to change your blog’s niche but to you a web app such as Curately to discover trending topics from your niche.

After you create a Curately account, you can add news sources from your niche in your dashboard. From here, you can select the hottest blog posts, add them to your articles and start a discussion from there. Writing about the latest events and trends in your niche is a good way to bring in more traffic and readers.

4. Target a specific audience

Let’s say you start a laptop review blog. You add quality blog posts but your work isn’t reflected in your blog’s traffic numbers. There’s a high chance that you tried to bite more than you can chew. Starting a blog in an already saturated niche isn’t a good idea. Instead, try focusing on long-tail keywords and optimize your content to fit the new requirements.

For example, don’t make general laptop reviews but target a smaller audience by reviewing only one brand specific laptops. It’s up to you to find that smaller niche to accommodate your blog but take into consideration the fact that focusing on a small niche usually means higher traffic numbers and targeted audience.

5. Grow your blog’s email list

Even if you don’t have a lot of visitors, writing targeted content will surely bring you people who are searching for that specific topic. Create an email list to keep those visitors close to your blog. A few years ago internet users would bookmark a website and regularly check it. In 2016, you’ll need to invest in your blog’s email list and be constant with sending out newsletters. Do this to keep your “core traffic” close and find ways to bring in new subscribers.

6. Don’t be afraid to use ads

Not just successful blog owners invest in ads to promote their online business. Don’t be afraid to test out Google Adwords, Facebook ads or newer advertising options such as Instagram & Snapchat ads. Take it one step further and use remarketing to track down users who already visited your website and transform them into loyal readers or subscribers.

Want to get more people to visit your blog? Create an advertising campaign targeting specific keywords and new visitors. Try to redirect them to a page where you have your best content or some free resources (infographics, presentations, eBooks).

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