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6 Essential WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers in 2016

Blogging like other online businesses may seem easy but the truth is you need to be really careful or you might end up on the losers side. There are so many things that can go wrong when starting a blog so you’ll need to look over every aspect of your small online business.

If you’re going to start blogging with WordPress, you’ll have to pay attention to 4 main issues.

  • Hosting. Be careful when choosing a hosting plan for your blog. Read the reviews and make your decision based on pros and cons.
  • Security. New bloggers can easily be hacked because they don’t take the necessary precautions.
  • Ease of access. When customizing your blog, you need to pay attention to the latest trends and make your blog easy to access and available for all platforms.
  • Usability. Using free or paid WordPress themes and plugins you can add extra features for your audience.

WordPress at its core is a great piece of software that allows you to transform your idea in quality content and themes and plugins are what makes every wordpress blog unique. Now, if choosing a theme is different for every blog, new bloggers should know the following wordpress plugins.

Essential WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers to use starting from 2016

Every year, new plugins are built to add new features for new bloggers. If we would have written this article a few years ago, the essential wordpress plugins for new bloggers list would be different (at least to some extent).

Another thing you should take into consideration is not to install too many plugins and themes as some of them can bring up conflicts and take down your site or fill it with back end errors.

1. Akismet

You want people to comment on your blog posts so you can grow your audience but at the same time you need to have a SPAM-free blog. Using Akismet on your blog can help you fight hackers and spammers from taking advantage of your comments section. Akismet analyzes the comments people leave on your blog and marks them as SPAM if this is the case.

It’s very easy to set up and it saves you from the hassle of manually deleting SPAM comments. if you want an alternative, you can try Antispam Bee.

2. Yoast SEO

Optimizing your content for search engines can make the difference between a successful blog and a mediocre one. Yoast SEO deserves its place on the essential plugins for new bloggers list since it allows you to optimize every post and page of your blog so you can reach better positions in Google Results’ Page.

Yoast SEO is also good at customizing your content for different social networks. You can add different titles, descriptions and featured images for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

All-in-one SEO was for many years the most used SEO plugin but I would choose Yoast SEO in 2016 since social media marketing plays such a big role in an online business.

wordpress essential security plugin

Keep your wordpress blog secure from hackers and spammers attacks.

3. BulletProof Security

If you want to keep your blog secure from hackers’ attacks, choose a security plugin such as BulletProof security. The free version gives you enough features to build up a wall between new bloggers and hackers or spammers.

I like all the options they provide and I’ve been using it for several years. If there was a minus to this plugin it would be the fact that is not the friendliest security plugin out there but I would still add it to the list of essential wordpress plugins for new bloggers.

You can choose alternatives to protect your login page (Login Security Solution) or another security suite such as iThemes Security.

Be very careful when using these plugins since it’s very easy to lock yourself out from your blog.

4. WP jQuery Lightbox

Lightbox allows you to open images in sleek windows and not browse away from the page you’re visiting. Normally, wordpress doesn’t have this functionality for it’s media files and new bloggers make the mistake of overlooking this aspect.

I would add Lightbox (any working plugin) to the essential wordpress plugins for new bloggers list because it lowers bounce rate (since people don’t leave your blog post to see the images) and it provides a simple but beautiful way to showcase media files.

Make sure you use a lightbox with responsive features.

5. SumoMe

You need to grow your audience and SumoMe can help you achieve this goal. In my honest opinion, the free version offers you with enough features to customize your blog and get email subscribers. You have sharing options, welcome mats, opt-in forms, analytics and contact forms.

If you’re a new blogger planning to build a strong email list, SumoMe has the right tools to grab your readers’ attention.

6. Curately

Even if our software isn’t a wordpress plugin per-se, it integrates with the CMS and provides you with unlimited sources of great content for your blog posts. This is an essential wordpress plugin for new bloggers, podcasters or business websites who want to deliver quality content to their readers.

Check out the Curately video and learn how it can help you develop the blog you always wanted.

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