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Facebook Marketing Tactics That Need to Disappear in 2016

I don’t spend that much time on Facebook and even if I do, I just follow up on family members, some news and little chit chat. Actually, I think I spend more time reading about Facebook and other social networks marketing tactics than actually using them.

Don’t get me wrong, I research, test and apply new stuff to my marketing tactics but, in the quest of being more productive I limit the time spent on Facebook and Twitter. If you didn’t know, wasting time on Facebook has an outrageous cost and I’m trying to avoid that.

Even if my time spent on Facebook is limited, I can’t overlook the way some marketers are doing their job in 2016. It’s not limited to social media managers but also to entrepreneurs and some times scammers.

That’s why, I thought I’d share with you some of the biggest mistakes I see, and with your help to try and make these Facebook marketing tactics disappear by the end of 2016. I’m not calling them bad marketing tactics but they are in fact annoying and in most of the cases misleading.

Facebook Like & Share contests.

I hate seeing marketers wasting their times on shady marketing tactics like organizing these like and share contests where people have to like a specific photo and share it with their friends.

I hate this.

These people aren’t interested in your product, most of them will unlike your page, stop caring and most likely see you in a bad light after the contest ends. You are organizing social media contests where thousands of people sign up and only one of them wins, what about the other 99,99%?

Organizing like and share contests on Facebook doesn’t bring you any value on the long run. You should be more smart then that and target people with ads. By doing it like this, you’ll know those individuals have at least somewhat interested to hear more from you, your brand and products.

Social bullying people in liking your content.

I was thinking about calling it “social bullying” but the simple fact that you’re using people’s guilt to create some sort of fan base is just wrong. I respect people’s beliefs and religion and I tend not to get involved when I see them sharing guilt posts.

For example there was one image saying that if I scroll further and not like & share, I’m actively supporting terrorism. This is wrong on so many levels and you’d think the people behind it are extremists or religious groups. Nope, just illegitimate businesses trying to get as much visibility and reach on Facebook as they can until someone takes their page down.

Emotion is a powerful catalyst in marketing, but don’t force people to play your game by taking advantage of their beliefs.


Not paying attention to Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, I’m also talking about Twitter here since this marketing tactic is somewhat related. I see a lot of people linking their Twitter and Facebook profiles and they just end up spamming your twitter feed with links to every Facebook photo they upload or post Tweets on Facebook with no context.

Another way you’re not paying attention to your Facebook page is by posting the exact thing on several social networks. Like I said in a previous blog post, you should differentiate the content you share on social networks by using meta data and different size thumbnails.

Entrepreneur Facebook marketing tactics that need to go away in 2016.

Not only businesses are using shady Facebook tactics to gain some advantage over others. Some entrepreneurs use personal accounts to get around some of the limitations Facebook has for pages. Here are some shady Facebook marketing tactics entrepreneurs shouldn’t use anymore:

Tagging everyone in their posts. Whenever they have an announcement (launch eBook, new project, affiliate offer) they create a Facebook post and tag every friend (that can be tagged). This is a desperate way to get attention by trying to be visible in their news feeds. I would unfriend anyone who does this to me.

Adding people to Facebook groups without permission. I get added to several groups on Facebook almost every week. People don’t ask me if I want to join, they just want to have groups with thousands of members. I once had someone add me to a Facebook group and just posted affiliate links trying to squeeze some conversions. That’s so sad.

Adding people as friend requests just to ask them to like some page. I have no idea how this even started and I have to say it’s just stupid. The amount of time you spend adding people and begging for likes on your unimportant Facebook pages can very well be spent doing something that actually helps your business. If you add me as a friend just so you can SPAM me, I’m going to block and report in the next second.

I know this sound more like a facebook marketing tactics rant than an actual plan for 2016 but it has to start somewhere, right?

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