Facebook Marketing Tactics

Facebook Marketing Tactics That You Need To Be Implementing

Multiple content marketers have a love/hate bond with Facebook marketing tactics. With Facebook reach sliding, many brands are questioning if Facebook marketing is still worth the trouble. I think it is because concerning possible influence and pervasiveness, and Facebook maintains the social network to be. The great news: Facebook is positively adding brand new tools and features to improve marketers success. If you’re looking to buy ads on Facebook, here are three new (and frequently under-utilized) strategies that can enhance your influence and engagement:

1. Optimize your Open Graph metadata.

Optimize your Open Graph metadata.

To create your content to become more shareable, optimizing it for Facebook is significant. If people don’t see an engaging picture or an attractive title and description, then people may not want to share your content.

Familiarize yourself with Open Graph. Plainly put, Open Graph is metadata that enables you to manage the picture, description, and title that renders on people’s Facebook newsfeeds when they share your content. Optimize Open Graph metadata is simple “primarily on WordPress”, so please take the opportunity to do this and make sure you do it for every blog post, landing page, or any other web assets.

2. Upload videos directly to your Facebook page.

Upload videos directly to your Facebook page

If you’re now producing videos as a component of your content marketing plan, you can’t overlook Facebook. As stated in an up-to-date Mashable article, Facebook videos are about to take over. “Major media companies have started publishing video directly to Facebook and are reaping the rewards of dramatically greater views and engagement,” states the article. BuzzFeed, Upworthy, and ESPN have seen significant returns from Facebook videos. One of the chief advantages of uploading immediately to Facebook is that the video auto-plays.

While a few users notice auto-play bothersome, statistics prove it enhances action with the viewers. Also, you can see statistics regarding your video covering when people dropped off quickly from Facebook Insights. Ultimately I think this is the most crucial, I suspect Facebook’s algorithm values its native player. Videos overall are more engaging on social media, but since this is Facebook’s product, I wouldn’t be shocked if it gets more organic reach than YouTube videos.

3. You Should Use Facebook’s CTA button.

You Should Use Facebook’s CTA button.

To the pleasure of countless marketers, Facebook launched CTA buttons for Facebook pages as of last year. If you’re outside of the US, Facebook assured that this feature would be free for everybody this year. There are seven calls to action are prepared for Facebook web pages: Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video.

This feature is not fundamentally a game changer for the social media business, but it’s free to add so you should do it. Facebook’s analysis reveals that CTA buttons on Facebook web pages could enhance customer purchase attempts. Supplementing the CTA buttons to your Facebook web page is somewhat simple. Don’t ignore these Facebook marketing tactics of 2016 if you do then your competition will be crushing you.

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