Monetize Your Blog in 2016

6 Foolproof Methods To Monetize Your Blog in 2016

What’s the best method to monetize your blog in 2016? Is it traffic? Sure, having a lot of traffic is highly beneficial for a blogger as long as that traffic is targeted and converts into some specified goals. You could  have a high-traffic blog but still earn just a few cents every month from advertising. This means there’s something wrong with your blog ads placements or the quality of traffic received.

So, if you don’t want to put all the eggs in the same “traffic-based basket”, what can you do? How can you keep adding fresh content to your blog and find ways to monetize to its full potential? If you’re looking for some foolproof methods to monetize your blog starting from 2016, read on because we have some recommendation you’ve probably didn’t add to your income strategy to-do list.

One of the biggest mistakes new and old bloggers make is to compare themselves and their blogs with big websites that publish similar content. Just because it’s in your niche, that doesn’t mean they have the same strategy and workforce like you. A better approach would be to compare monthly results for your own business and see how you’ve improved or failed to do so. From here you’ll get some great insight on what works and what should be changed to your blog monetization strategy.

6 Foolproof methods to monetize your blog starting from 2016

Every year brings something different to the mix. It may be a problematic change such as Google algorithms or good things such as new apps and marketing options in blogging. 2016 has been a great year until now with the inspiring growth of audio and video networks like podcasting and live video.

If you want to read some great resources and see how audio and video can help monetize your blog, we recommend you to read both of these articles:

Looking for some foolproof ways for blog monetization, different from ads and other basic stuff? Here’s what to consider:

1. Offer your writing services to others

Do you see yourself as an expert in your field? Do you have the reviews and testimonials to prove it? In this case you can go ahead and start using your blog for monetization by selling your writing services to others. Set up a landing page on your blog where you feature your skills and best blog posts after which start promoting it on Social Media. It’s up to you to come up with pricing tables so try to do some research for similar services.

2. Coach others who want to have a successful blog

Are you making good money by blogging? Monetize your blog even more by helping others reach your high standards. For this to work, you’ll need to have specific landing pages and blog widgets promoting your coaching services. Don’t forget about testimonials and success stories to back your expertise. By coaching others who want to monetize their blogs you’ll make money by consulting them and getting paid by the hour.

freelance bloggin monetization

Start freelancing from home for businesses.

3. Be a freelance consultant for businesses

Your blog can help you make more money from blogging by promoting yourself as a freelance consultant for businesses in your niche. This process takes time and you’ll need to build a great expert image for yourself by always publishing targeted content for your niche and interacting with other specialists online and offline.

4. Sell online courses

Selling online courses is the newest method of monetization for bloggers this year. Udemy and other websites allow you to create a course and sell it. Having a blog allows you to get valuable insight by learning what people are searching for. For example, if you’re a blogger with low traffic but still want to earn money from blogging, analyze your search queries and see where people face problems.

You can create a course on blogging, creating marketing strategy or even using Google docs. It’s all up to you to find the best ideas for course you can sell to your blog readers.

5. Organize webinars for your blog readers

If you’re not the fan of creating online courses and selling them, you might be interested in “on-the-spot content” such as webinars you organize for your blog readers. Depending on your blog’s niche, you can make money by organizing online seminar for different topics and charge people who want to join. The good thing about this is that you can later use that video footage as a crash-course.

6. Amp up your blog posts to get more visitors

Not a fan of the above solutions to monetize a blog? You can still make money from blogging if you put in the work and invest in your own content. We actually wrote a longer blog post about how you can amp up your blog posts so they stand out that you should check it out, where one of the most important steps was creating an account on Curately and find the best subjects on your niche. From those original blog posts you can create your own content and get more readers.

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