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Quick Guide To Amp Up Blog Posts So They Stand Out

Most bloggers don’t have marketing budgets or they don’t have the time to promote their work as they would want to. This comes up mostly because they start their blog on their own and just want to publish quality content for people with the same interests. As their audience grows so do the expectations.

This would be a clear sign to improve your online business. Yes, you now have an online business, as small as it may be – since you’re getting money from blog ads, paid content or some other form of promotion.

If you don’t have the time, money or just don’t want to invest as much in a marketing strategy, there is one thing you could do – invest in your own content so it stands out from the crowd you’re in. While this doesn’t regularly cost you much, it will take up a moderate portion of your time. Focusing on your blog posts and improving them should be just a step in your overall strategy that also includes social media and outreach so think of this when you decide to work on your blog.

How to amp up blog posts so they stand out of the crowd?

Improving blog posts is crucial to your blogging success. When you plan to get more from blogging, you’ll have to put in the work and crush the competition – because, yes there will be plenty. Not having money to invest in marketing is just an excuse for bloggers, because there are other ways they can work on their craft and get more success from blogging.

If you’re looking to get more visitors and improve your overall blogging activity, read these following tips on how to amp up blog posts.

Try to write quality blog posts

We’re always trying to help new bloggers in their quest of writing better content for audiences and a few weeks ago we talked about the ideal blog post length and how this influences your rankings in Google. If you want to read that blog post you can click the following link:

5 questions and answers about the ideal blog post length – where we showed you that longer blog posts tend to rank better in Google. We’re not talking about writing useless information just for the sake of having a 2000 words blog posts. No. We’re encouraging you to embrace long-form content on your blog.

You can do this by researching and writing ultimate guides for those interested in your blog’s niche. Here you gather all the useful information in one place and promote it better than your other blog posts. Another great example of amped-up blog posts are those long list posts you see on top-ranking blogs in your niche. This type of long-form content is often shared because you’re giving people more than one option to identify with your blog posts so they tend to send it to friends or family.

amp up blog posts spark comments

Focus on blog posts with a lot of comments.

Focus on sparking discussions in the comments section

When people engage with your blog posts they do it in several ways. They can share it on social networks, leave comments or even send you emails to share their opinions. As you can see these options are listed from the easiest to the hardest for your users and you should treat them as such. If someone sends you an email regarding your latest blog post, don’t forget it somewhere in your inbox – answer it!

HINT: If you want to engage with your readers, we highly recommend the article where we showcased 5 blog posts ideas to spark conversations for freelancers (works for other categories of blogs as well).

Finding the right topic for your blog post is hard and it can be even trickier to find out that sparks a conversation. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you to create an account on Curately. Why? Well this web app helps you:

  • See what the top blogs in your niche are publishing.
  • Add snippets from their content to your blog posts.
  • Create complex and quality content having those original blog posts as a starting point.
  • Engage not only with your readers but with the authors of the original articles since we recommend you to link back to them.

Add visual content to your blog posts

Don’t limit yourself to text blog posts. If you want to amp up your content you can always rely on visual. Adding infographics, charts, case studies with presentations are all great for improving the quality of blog posts. You can do this for your newer articles or try to repurpose your older but successful content. Here you can read more about 8 ways to use repurposed content on your social media pages.

If you want to step it up, use other social tools to promote content such as Facebook Live, Instagram or Snapchat.

Showcase your best blog posts

When you organize your website structure, don’t forget about your most successful content. If you’re using WordPress to blog, see how you can feature your most successful blog posts somewhere on your homepage. This is extremely important since the readers of your blog will look for uplifting content they can identify with and that recommends you as an expert in your field.

Here are some ways you can showcase your best blog posts:

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