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8 High-Income Blogging Courses You Can Sell On Udemy

Blogging can provide you with a steady income but not all money will be coming from your blog posts or blog traffic. Your small online business can bring you income from more than one source and if you’re smart, you’ll set up your very own strategy to make money from blogging.

If you haven’t done this already, we recommend you to read our top 5 blog posts about how to monetize your blog:

Now that you have a solid background in blog monetization, you should know that making money from blogging doesn’t stop at your website content. You can sell eBooks, freelance writing services and other types of virtual products such as blogging courses on Udemy.

8 High-Income blogging courses to sell on

Creating blogging courses and selling them on Udemy is the latest trend for bloggers. If you didn’t know this already, is the biggest marketplace for various courses from almost all categories. If you consider yourself an expert in your blogging niche, why not make some extra cash by selling your expertise in the form of high-income blogging courses on Udemy? Here are our top recommendations for blogging courses.

1. Professional blogging course for “next level blogs”.

If you have a blogging success story, you can create a course to help others do the same. Did you start your own blog and transformed it into a cash machine or into an authority website for its niche? Start documenting what you did along the way and use that information to create a blogging course for people who want to achieve the status of “next level bloggers”.

2. B2B blogging course

Let’s say you’ve been working as a freelancer for other online businesses, why not create a B2B blogging course where you teach others how to create content for those type of businesses. You can talk to previous employers and ask them if you can feature your most successful content to make the blogging course more appealing.

3. Blogging for beginners.

Remember when you just started blogging and you didn’t really know what to do? Well, there are so many new bloggers in that same position so why not help them out while… you help yourself? If you want this to be a high-income blogging course, you’ll need to find a way to make it stand out from other similar courses.

blogging course examples

Create a blogging course for beginners.

4. Content marketing for bloggers

Most bloggers will only focus on writing blog posts and overlook important aspects of their online business. As you may know, there are more aspects to a successful blogging strategy so creating a course for bloggers focused on content marketing can be a hit on Udemy. You can teach others how to create content calendars, show them how to implement microblogging and more.

HINTHow to properly implement Microblogging in your Content Strategy.

5. Creating a self-sustaining blog

Most bloggers dream about doing less work and getting more income from their blogs. While this is hard to achieve, if you have the expertise – share it to create a high-income blogging course. You can structure your course material by adding automation tips & tricks, evergreen content and more. For example, you can write a whole chapter about Curately – the web app that allows you to create long-form content from other people’s successful blog posts.

Using this app you can search for trending topics and spend little to no time in personalizing that content and creating quality blog posts for yourself.

6. Alternative methods of making money from blogging

There is so much information online on how to make money from blogging so why not gather it all, update it with the 2016 trends and transform it into a high-earning blogging course? You can teach others how to create eBooks, infographics or case studies and use them to make money from blogging related activities.

7. Blog posts ideas course

If there’s one thing that all bloggers have in common is that “writer’s block” they face from time to time. When they find themselves in that situation, they start to search for blog posts ideas to keep their audience entertained. As a successful blogger you understand that these moments are unavoidable but you know how to get pass them. Start researching and create a high-income course on how to get pass writer’s block or just how to find successful blog posts ideas. Don’t forget to talk about long-form and short-form content.

8. How to connect with blog readers

We met all kinds of bloggers and almost everyone had some some problem. For example, they couldn’t optimize their blogs for search engines or they didn’t know how to use WordPress’ plugins and themes repositories. Other have problems engaging with their readers. They might have a lot of social shares but few blog comments so they’ll search for ways to engage with their audience. Use this to your advantage and create a high-earning blogging course on the subject.

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