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How to Choose Between 11 Social Networks to Grow Your Business

If you were thinking that your business doesn’t need to be present on some social network, you may be right. At least to some extent. While having and maintaining a social media profile for your business is always a smart decision, you won’t have to invest a lot for your business to grow on these social networks.

The simple truth is that the goal won’t justify the investments. And we’ll tell you why.

Your construction firm is going to be more successful in getting new clients from Facebook advertising than investing in Snapchat audiences. We’re not saying you can’t find clients for your construction firm on Snapchat, but at what cost?

For a business to grow, it needs to be efficient so why not apply this principle to your social media activity and investments?

What to aim for your Social Media pages

When planning your budgets for social media, you’ll need to think about two main things: your niche and the organic reach potential.

Depending on your business, you’ll get more benefits from choosing one social network to invest in. At the current time, there are 11 big players in the social network game but there’s a high chance that you’ll find more niche benefits on some rather than others. If your business isn’t focusing on getting value from niches, you’ll want to be seen by as many people as possible, therefore you’ll want to invest in a social network that offers you the biggest organic reach potential.

We found a useful visual presentation of what we’re talking about. It clearly sums up how to split these 11 Social networks between niche benefits and organic reach potential.

11 social networks to choose from

Image source: Paid search & Social presentation by Maggie Malek, slide 38.

How to choose between 11 Social Networks to grow as a business

As you may see, there are a lot of ways to tackle this but the truth is that your business will get more benefits from some social networks and less for others. It’s up to you to find the best option, allowing your business to grow online.

Let’s make this easier and split these 11 Social Networks using the benefits they will bring to your business in its growth journey.

High niche benefits & High organic reach potential

1. Google Plus

Often seen as a place where not many people spend their free time, Google Plus is by far the best place to find small communities and people looking for content from your niche. The best thing about G+ is you can use advertising to easily reach those communities and interact with them, possibly gaining clients.

2. Tumblr

Think of it this way. Tumblr is probably the best place to go if you want to target younger audiences. The social network is known for high re-sharing rate and for passionate members. If that’s something that your business needs in its growing process, go ahead and use it.

3. Pinterest

You’ll reach far more people on Pinterest than on others social networks but you’ll need to understand that some niches work better than others. For example, around 80% of Pinterest users are female under 40. Use this metric when you’re deciding to invest time and money here.

High niche benefits but low organic reach potential

4. Periscope

Before Facebook “invented” live video, other social networks were already reaping benefits from it. For example, Periscope (owned by Twitter) is a social network focused solely on live video. If you want to grow your audience by targeting niche-loving individuals, go ahead and create, maintain and grow a presence here.

We would also add Meerkat here since both are doing basically the same thing but have different audiences. While this is true, it’s possible that you’ll find the same people on both social networks.

High organic reach potential but small niche benefits

5. LinkedIn

If you have a growing business, you’ll need to create a company profile on LinkedIn, but is it the place to invest in advertising? This social network brings the best benefits to those who want to develop their personal brand by publishing quality content but it also seems to be the place where to network with people who have the same interests.

Since LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft, advertising options may have increased but people are still waiting to see how this develops.

6. Twitter

Some would say Twitter is struggling in the current social media climate but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Twitter is still a good social network that will help your business to grow by allowing it to reach bigger audiences. You won’t find communities here but you can interact with passionate individuals who make this social network more appealing to a broader audience.

social networks for business instagram

Is Instagram the best option for your growing business?

7. Instagram

Want to reach more people who don’t really have specific interests but love visual content? Instagram is the place to be. Instagram is a fast-growing network where you need good visuals to have a big conversion rate.

8. Youtube

We found Youtube to have great organic reach potential. Seeing how it’s being used as a search engine at the same time as a social network, it grows your chances for people to discover your business and become fans or possible clients. Focused solely on video content (live or recorded) Youtube is the best option for a growing business who wants to reach a broader audience.

Lower organic reach potential but appealing to bigger audiences

9. Facebook

Seen as a god-sent tool for publishers, Facebook turned out not to be the place where you’ll get the bigger organic reach potential. Yes, you have to possibility to acquired paid reach and paid website traffic but how dependent on Facebook services do you want to become? Facebook’s biggest value for your growing business is the possibility to create a huge fan base but that won’t necessarily translate into bigger sales.

Be careful about the Facebook dream since they recently announced that people will see less content from publishers.

10. Whatsapp

You may not see this as a social network but as a way of communication. The strength of Whatsapp resides in its huge active users that reached 1 billion MAU (monthly active users) according to this study. It’s a good place to use your advertising potential in growing your business.

11. Snapchat

Snapchat is a relatively new player in the social network game but it’s rapidly growing as a place where millennials and younger audiences spend a lot of time, communicate publish and watch visual content. If you’re wondering how much content is published and viewed on this social network, we’ll tell you – around 10 billion daily video views.

What works best for your growing business? You’ll have to figure out on your own and yes it may take up a lot of your time. You’ll also need to find new content for any social network you decide to invest in but is that possible? Will the time spent creating quality content justify the results? Don’t forget that Curately is known for allowing you to find and publish more content without lowering its quality.

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