How to organize A Blog

How To Organize a Blog?

How to organize A Blog content with a Simple Process. I discovered a “Blog Post Tracker” process from a website named Within in this process, this article mentions the tracker assists you to streamline your content marketing process by:

1. Maintaining a record of earlier written blog content:

Each blogger wants a simple system to trace and obtain prior blog posts to transcribe blog post popularity and comments. In a tracker such as this, you can inject links that authorize you to obtain original content and graphic records for scheduled repurposing and reformatting.

2. Preparation and scheduling direction for your pending blog content:

The Blog Post Tracker mind map functions as an editorial calendar, illustrating post concepts that are in development, as well as those prepared for the future, in the circumstances of your earlier written posts. This support you to bypass accidentally over-emphasizing some texts while neglecting others. Also, you can begin start dates and deadlines on the mind map to have your blog posts on a schedule.

3. Centralizing your concepts for pending blog posts:

The Blog Post Tracker presents easy to enter and access all your topic ideas in one accessible section a handy tool, since critical ideas can suddenly die if they aren’t recorded down regularly. (Think of it as a miniature version of the idea dashboard from my previous post.)

4. Scalability:

You can precisely estimate the Blog Post Tracker to support hundreds of your blog posts by attaching tags and using MindManager’s filtering feature. Filtering authorizes you to present posts by category, status, or due dates. You can additionally utilize it to assign duties and trace process.

The Blog Post Tracker is intended to be applied with the content dashboard he produced, which includes links to all of his favorite projects and sources. You can set up your dashboard to open by default each time you begin a working session. Now you should have a solid perception of how to organize blog content.

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