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How to Rock at Blogging While on Vacation

Summer is the busiest time of the year for most bloggers. This happens because they’re going to events, meet-ups, publish more content but, at the same time, the summer vacation kicks in. If for usual people going on vacation is equal to a few days or weeks of fun, for bloggers, going on vacation is a bit problematic.

Even the biggest workaholics go on vacation from time to time. What happens to your blog while you’re on the road, traveling to your destination or sipping margaritas by the pool?

Some people will choose to take a break from blogging but the more experienced entrepreneurs will know how to rock at blogging while on vacation. You don’t need to take a break from your blog or to lower the quality and quantity of published content.

How do you rock at blogging while on vacation?

If you go traveling for a longer period of time or choose a small vacation, you’ll need to keep your readers entertained. Most people would focus on social media accounts and less on adding fresh blog content, but that’s not the right option for your online business. There are several tactics that allow you to maintain and even add entertaining content while you’re on vacation.

Start by writing more ahead of time.

You’ll probably plan your vacation with a few months in advance so why not apply the same tactic to your content creation strategy? Focus on creating a mix of long-form and short-form content. For example. you could write some cornerstone blog posts relevant to your niche and mix them with smaller pieces of content like video reviews, blog recommendations or link collections.

After you’re satisfied with the quantity and quality of written content start scheduling it on your blog. Write down on a piece of paper how many days are you going on vacation and try to fill them with blog posts you’ve already written.

Don’t forget to set up newsletters so those big blog posts get sent to your subscribers. Scheduling can also be done on your social media accounts but if you have the time, we would recommend to do it after the scheduled blog post goes live.

Don’t forget your mobile device.

When you’re traveling but you still find time to write or follow-up on some other blog posts, you can do this by using your mobile devices. You can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to keep your blog updated and to post fresh content on your social media accounts.

If you want to rock at blogging while on vacation, you need to make sure you’re not going to forget your device charger, power banks, mobile storage, and portable modems (if you don’t have enough mobile data) or hotspots (if you can rely on your mobile data consumption).

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Use your “boring” vacation time to maintain your blog.

Organize your vacation time.

You’ll probably not go out every evening while on vacation, right? Why not use this time to check your blog, social media accounts and add some short-form content. Depending on what type of vacation you’re going on, the time available for work will vary, but you’ll manage to find a few moments to do it. Will you go to a coffee shop in the morning? Why not bring your laptop?

If you already planned your vacation activities, see when you have time for your blog and add some fresh content. You don’t need to write evergreen content but you still have three options.

  1. Publish curated content.
  2. Discover new things you can write about.
  3. Use multimedia content from your vacation.

To publish curated content, you’ll need to create an account on Curately and add some content sources you’ll want to use. After that, you can just add that curated content on your blog in a few easy steps. Curating content with Curately allows you to follow the latest topics and hot trends to create quality content on your blog.

Another option for content curation is to create collections of links or blogs you’d want to recommend.

When you’re on vacation you can easily discover new things to write about. Just by taking a walk and admiring the surroundings you’re allowing your brain to connect the dots and create new content.

Last, but not least, you have the option to add multimedia content from your vacation such as video blogs or photo galleries.

Bring in blog contributors.

You can convince other people to write on your blog so your readers will have fresh content. When you’re planning the vacation, start a guest blogging strategy by allowing other bloggers to write blog posts on your website. Don’t forget to write up strong guidelines for new people and mark their content accordingly.

Whatever strategy you may choose, don’t just schedule some blog posts for when you’ll be on vacation. You’ll also need to think about that period just after your vacation when you’ll just be home, unpacking, doing laundry and getting your family back on schedule.

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