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How to Start a VR (Virtual Reality) Blog and Make Money Online

If you had doubts until now to start a blog and make money online, 2016 is the year to do it. The number of ways you can get an income from blogging has sky-rocketed in the past year thanks to the new emerging niches you should really look into.

Next to the evergreen niches (if you want to call them that) such as health or making money online, in 2016 we’re seeing a rise in some unconventional regions of niche content. New gadgets such as drones or VR (virtual reality) headsets have flooded the market but the relevant content is still weak or hard to find.

Are you planning to make some extra money by blogging in 2016? There are some exciting and profitable niches you can start a successful project in. You’ll need to be careful, though. Since they are new niches, there aren’t any rules or guidelines of what’s accepted and what you shouldn’t focus on. The good news is that the existing content on these particular niches isn’t enough and there’s plenty of room to improve.

How to start your Virtual Reality blog or VR website

While several aspects of your blog creating strategy still apply to these new niches, there are some things you need to take care of. We’ll be talking about new web apps to help you kick-start your virtual reality blog and what tactics you should choose to notice web traffic growth.

1. Start with the basics

The way you start a blog hasn’t changed that much in 2016. The process is almost the same but it involves more research. Here’s what are the basics for starting a virtual reality blog.

  • You come up with a catchy virtual reality blog title. Since it’s a relatively new niche, you’ll have more options to choose from.
  • You buy the domain and a solid hosting package. You can even buy other similar domains to have more options as times passes.
  • You install a blog-friendly CMS (content management system) such as WordPress.
  • Create or choose a free & relevant blog template. Don’t forget to add visual elements relevant to your niche such as VR sets or anything you feel to be needed. You should also have a simple but responsive template that allows visitors to focus on your virtual reality content.
  • Create relevant social media accounts.
virtual reality (VR) blog

Virtual Reality blog content strategy.

2. Focus on virtual reality web content

If you’re going to start a VR blog in 2016, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding since you have more useful web apps that allow you to showcase content and make it easier to deliver it to your readers.

Your content creation strategy should focus on the following types of content:

Cornerstone content. Imagine this to be the backbone of your virtual reality blog. This type of blog content includes long-form blog posts, case studies from the VR world, extensive analysis of hardware, lists of VR sets, etc. You should focus on optimizing this type of content on specific virtual reality keywords so you rank better in SERP.

Regular blog posts. Everything related to the virtual reality world. Long-form and short-form blog posts published according to a content calendar. Try to focus on product reviews since virtual reality headsets are relatively new and people have doubts about buying them or not.

Microblogging. The short-form content you post on social networks or even on your blog. If you want to learn more about this type of content, we recommend you to read our article on how to properly implement microblogging in your content strategy.

You should focus on publishing quality blog content. Since this is a new niche, there will be a lot of emerging subjects you can tackle in your blog posts. We recommend you to create a Curately account and start adding curated content to your content creation strategy.

Curately allows you to discover the trending blog posts from other virtual reality websites and create quality content on your VR blog by using the original content. You’ll need to be original and only use snippets so your readers will participate in the discussion.

3. Make money from your virtual reality blog

OK, so you’ve been adding quality content for a while now and fell that you’re ready to make money online from your virtual reality blog. Here are your options to make an extra income from VR blogging in 2016:

  • Affiliate marketing. Consider this to be your best option since there will be a lot of virtual reality gadgets released this year and their number will only grow. You can already buy VR sets on Amazon and other websites that have affiliate programs.
  • Google Adsense. Virtual reality is an emerging niche and the CPC costs of ads are starting to increase. As a rule of thumb, don’t fill all your website space with Adsense banners.
  • Virtual Reality Games. VR has a lot of applications in real life – from science and medicine to entertainment, virtual reality will play a big role in our lifestyle. The gaming industry is growing every year and people can already buy virtual reality games on the Google Play or Steam platforms. Some websites will resale games and give you commissions if you manage to sell their gaming applications.