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How Can You Quickly Improve Facebook Page Reach For Your Business?

Have you noticed a decline of your business’ Facebook page reach? This is becoming a reality for bigger businesses on Facebook since the social network is regularly dropping the organic reach in favor of paid options. While this is a reality you can’t fight, there still are several things you can do to quickly improve your social media page’s reach on Facebook.

What would you say the average reach for pages is? 30%? 25%? Wrong.

Studies show that Facebook Page reach is averaging somewhere around 2,6% and even dropping to 2,25% for pages with over 1 million fans.

According to Facebook, there are two main reasons for which this is happening.

  1. There is more content added every day, making it impossible for everyone to see it.
  2. Facebook news feed was developed so people won’t see all the content but only the content relevant for them.

So, how can you use this information to boost your page’s reach? Read on, because we’re going to point out how you can do just that.

8 Ways to Quickly Improve Facebook Page Reach For Businesses

While organic reach is plummeting to the ground, that doesn’t mean you can’t still reach your audience on Facebook. Before you read any further, you need to understand that these way to quickly improve Facebook page reach won’t magically boost your reach to 100% but they will contribute to a steady increase in your numbers.

1. Be thoughtful when using clickbait titles

If you have a Facebook page for your blog or new website, be thoughtful when sharing blog posts. Facebook users are starting to avoid clickbait headlines so you should look in to making them more real. Don’t forget you can change your title and description for the posts you share on the social network.

We’re not saying you should entice your audience with well-written headlines but make sure you’re saying the truth and not lying to your audience.

2. Accept the fact that you’ll need to promote your Facebook posts

Like we said at the beginning of this blog post, the Facebook paid options to increase your business’ page reach are a reality you can’t shake off. Accept the fact that you’ll have to boost Facebook posts to get the reach you want. The secret here is to know what posts benefit the most from boosting them.

We don’t recommend pouring money in Facebook’s accounts by boosting every post on your page but choose them wisely.

3. Tag relevant people and pages

Have a quality blog posts and want to spark a conversation? This can also help you improve the Facebook page reach if you manage to tag the right people who start a discussion. Just like using clickbait headlines, you should be thoughtful about who you’re tagging in your posts. Don’t just go tagging random people in your industry but try to see who is actively replying to comments on their own pages.

facebook live video

Use Facebook Live Video to boost page reach.

4. Use Facebook Video

One quick but proven way to boost Facebook page reach for your business is to start using Facebook live video and video content overall. Since the platform wants to launch itself as a contender for this type of content, they will probably promote this in front of regular content.

You can start using Facebook live video on a regular basis or you can create videos and upload them to Facebook since they will have a higher reach and engagement rate. Here are some tips:

5. Use Facebook Groups to promote your posts

Some statistics from 2 years ago pointed out that Google was indexing over 620 million Facebook groups. Basically, you can find a group for any interest you can think of so why not use this in your advantage?

We’re not recommending you to start spamming but rather to actively participate in those relevant groups and share your content from time to time. It’s the same principle as the one you use to share posts on your Facebook page. You can just post “me, me, me” links every day, you need to diversify. At the same time, posting only content from your Facebook page will get you kicked and probably banned from those groups.

6. Get mentions from Influencers

Boosting a Facebook page’s reach can also be achieved if you manage to interact with social media influencers. People who are popular on other social networks (Instagram, Vine, Snapchat) also have a strong influence on Facebook. Having some of them mentioning your page will quickly increase the reach of your Facebook posts.

7. Repurpose old content to improve Facebook page reach

There are two ways you can use repurposed content to increase Facebook page reach for your business. The first one would be to use your own old content and transform it into appealing Facebook posts. You may want to read more about these 8 Powerful ways to use repurposed content on your social media pages.

The other option would be to create a Curately account, search for hot blog posts on relevant blogs and create content on your own blog from those. Add updated headlines to give users a new experience and watch how your Facebook page reach grows. Please note that this isn’t a matter of reusing someone’s content but creating something new from their ideas.

8. Publish evergreen content

Facebook posts about news and current events are just fine but evergreen content is what keeps your Facebook page reach high. Try to add content that doesn’t have a sense of urgency and it can be shared by others whenever they want.

Evergreen content includes memes, images, .gifs and funny videos. You can also try your luck with how-to guides and infographics.

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