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5 Types Of Intrusive Blog Ads You Need To Stop Using

Competition is a good thing but how some online business respond to it is something different. Let’s take a look at the online advertising industry and how it was affected by the rise of quality blogs or new ways to deliver content.

If you find a good way to make money online, you can bet you’ll have a rising number of competitors starting the next day. For some blogs this will reflect into lower income from ads so those blog owners will choose the worst option – fill the website with even more blog ads.

It’s all about quality and not quantity. If your blog ads income is starting to decline this doesn’t mean you should fill your blog with even more ads or finding ways to make it impossible for users to block them. Instead you’ll want to find alternatives – otherwise your traffic will also decline.

The rise of blog ad blocking.

We can fairly say that website owners ruined the online advertising industry as it was known a few years ago. The rising of ad blocking software isn’t something you need to watch for since it’s already here. The Adblock reality is here to stay and blog owners need to find alternative ways to maintain their online income.

Intrusive ads are the main reason why adblock is such a success. What’s the point of having a blog if your readers can’t even see the content because it’s flanked by numerous ad widgets?

5 Types of intrusive blog ads we need to leave behind

Adding more ads and finding ways to cheat your readers into clicking on them is not the way to go. Your blog will have a short life if you choose to publish intrusive ads that hammer user experience to the ground. Here are some types of intrusive blog ads you need to leave behind for the sake of your online business.

Poorly timed blog ads

The beauty of WordPress is the huge number of plugins available to customize your website. Using ad or pop-up plugins to convince people to like your Facebook page, to sign-up to your email list or just to offer them a promotion isn’t a bad thing.

Not testing how these plugins interact with your blog can ruin users’ experience and decrease your blog ads income. You should always customize the settings and test it on the front end of your blog.

It’s so annoying to start reading a blog post then suddenly be distracted by a pop-up or pop-under telling me to do something. The timing is essential so try to deliver the best user experience.

Auto-playing blog ads

This type of intrusive ads is such nuisance for the user since there’s no way for them to stop it before the ad ends. Some bloggers use auto-playing audio ads and while these provide them with 100% conversion rate it they can make more harm than good since users can’t close them and are forced to listen. 

The same thing happens to auto-playing video blog ads some people use for their video players or just make them play on page load. They position the ad somewhere the reader can’t see it in the first seconds so they get a view. This tactic is wrong on so many levels – the user is annoyed, the advertiser won’t get any value from this since the reader doesn’t actually view the ad and the blogger suffers on the long run because his audience will leave.

Interstitial advertising

When they see their income from blog ads dropping, some bloggers will choose to display interstitials. These are basically ads consisting of a full webpage the user has to view and most of the times to wait for an amount of time before accessing the original content. You may get away with this once but if the user has to view an ad for 10 seconds and the blog content isn’t what he was expecting for, you won’t see him ever again.

Related posts ads

One reason why people ban intrusive blog ads is because they’re not relevant. This is the case for some bloggers who use related posts plugins to display ads from other websites. When an user clicks on related blog posts links he’s expecting to find relevant information about the current topic, not ads from irrelevant websites.

Your related posts blog ads will get blocked and you’ll lose a good way to increase your page views and possibly blog income since people won’t use these posts to click through your content.

My way or the highway

Bloggers looked at some bigger websites such as and decided they should also apply this tactic to their blog ads. Not letting people to see your content unless they disable ad-blocking software is a big NO. Even if you promise them a “light ad experience”, most users won’t see your attempt as a good thing and your traffic will soon start to decrease.

Instead of blocking people from seeing your content unless they disable adblock why not use Curately to improve the quality of your blog posts and find alternative ways to monetize your blog?

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