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Blogging 101: Your Long-Form Blog Post Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

We’ve been pushing the idea of long-form content for a while on our blog and we recommend this tactic for any new bloggers that want a boost in rankings and readership. While long blog posts really help new & established bloggers alike, we agree that writing long-form content isn’t the easiest of tasks.

Please don’t mistake our idea of long blog posts with just writing to fill the blank spaces. Your long-form content needs quality if it’s supposed to help you rank better in SERP and enable you to get more social shares.

So avoid those article spinning apps that guarantee long blog posts since your readers won’t understand anything from that twisted text you get. Your best tactic as a new blogger who wants to publish long-form blog posts is to mix them with other types of content with variable size and distribution.

There is a lot of pressure on new bloggers to create quality content and most of them give up in the first 3 months. This happens because they make some mistakes we’re going to list below while providing you with the tools to improve.

You’re trying to create too many long-form blog posts

Yes – you need long-form content on your blog to rank better in SERP, but this doesn’t have to be your main target in blogging. Setting up a blog and transforming it into a successful online business is a process that involves more than writing content. You will also need to interact with other bloggers and readers, promote your blog, go to events and perform other blogging-related tasks.

In terms of content strategy, long-form blog posts should only be a part of your overall content. You need to mix it with regular blog posts and try out microblogging as well. Creating only long-form content can be exhausting and doesn’t leave room for other activities.

You should create a mix of content suited for most audiences. Start by adding one long-form blog post and follow it with regular content, while promoting it on social media. Long-form content is the backbone of your blog but it shouldn’t represent all of your blog posts.

You fail to find interesting subjects for long-form blog content

This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers and established ones tend to make more often than not. You create a long-form blog post of over 2,000 words, you share it with followers and readers but you don’t get the results you’ve been looking for. There is a high chance that the original subject you chose for your long-form blog post wasn’t the right one.

Don’t despair – you have one accessible option you haven’t tried yet. We recommend you to try our web app Curately and give your long-form blog posts a bigger chance to catch on with your readers and social media fans.

Curately allows you to find the most interesting topics and trends from relevant blogs and use that content to create your own long blog posts. This will allow you to find interesting subjects and for your readers to connect faster with what you’re sharing.

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Are you asking too much of yourself?

You ask too much of yourself as a blogger

…and that’s not OK. New bloggers tend to compare themselves to well-known blogs and influencers who have a lot of years behind them. You should be relentless in improving your craft but don’t get too disheartened when you don’t reach your target as fast as you’d want.

When creating long-form blog posts, some bloggers face serious challenges like running out of ideas or hitting some type of plateau in their creativity. If you find yourself fighting these problems, here’s what you should do to break free:

Be flexible with limits.

Some people aim for exact word counts when creating long-form blog posts. Be flexible about this or you’ll always be looking to fill blog posts with irrelevant content just to reach that goal.

Be old-fashioned.

When creating long content, you need some type of organization to keep your thoughts on track. Bring a pen & piece of paper next to your work station and write down the main goals and some bullet-point ideas for your article. This will help you to stay focused.

Choose the easier way.

Maybe you have excellent long-form content ideas but you’re not too keen in writing for hours. Record yourself (audio or even video) and hire someone else to do the work for you. You can send them your recordings and review the blog posts they write so they’re just like you want them.

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