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Most Profitable Niches to Start a Blog in 2016

It’s never too late to start doing something you love… and that is 200% true for online businesses. The way I see it, blogging is an online business that won’t go away anytime soon and it can transform into something really big.

Many entrepreneurs who now have startups started their online journey with the help of a blog. They were smart enough to start blogging in profitable niches and by working hard, they achieved their current status. I’m not going to give out names but I’m sure we all know one blogger who started small and now has 3+ books written and a small business on the side.

Most people look at this and think there’s no way they can reach that level but we see exceptions on a daily basis. People you’ve never heard of score it big by growing a small business around their blogs.

If you’re passionate enough, you can do that as well, you just have to research and discover what are the most profitable niches to start a blog in 2016. If you’re reading this article sometime in the future, just adapt it to the current year since new niches are discovered and maintained regularly.

What are the most profitable niches to start a blog in 2016?

When starting a blog with the sole purpose of transforming it into income for yourself or for your other projects, make sure you don’t do any of the following 4 mistakes bloggers usually make.

Next, you’ll have to understand that the most profitable niches are not necessarily the newest business ideas (although we’ll talk about those too!). There are some really profitable niches for blogs that aren’t going anywhere and give us numerous options for blog ideas.

Health as a blogging profitable niche in 2016

This huge niche is still profitable (if not more) like it was 2 or 5 years ago. New things appear every day making it easy for you to find topics of discussion. Yes, there are a lot of health blogs and that’s why you need to find something you feel passionate about and write with ease.

The biggest topics in this profitable blogging niche are weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, nutrition, diet… you get the idea, right? This blogging niche isn’t going anywhere and you’ll always have topics for your blogs, even in 2016. Just take a look at how many medical gadgets you can buy today and compare it to 2 – 5 years ago.

Oh, there’s a profitable niche right there – fitness gadgets, medical gadgets and everything related to them.

profitable niche make money

MMO – Making Money Online in 2016

Write about making money online on your blog.

Most people don’t really have a clear understanding on how they can make money over the internet and you can be the one who helps them out. MMO or writing about how to make money online in 2016 is a profitable niche for any new bloggers.

The way I see this, you have two options.

The first would be to choose a topic and develop your blog around it. SEO, Freelancing, Marketing – are just a few examples of topics you can choose on this profitable niche.

Second, you can create a personal blog, invest in your personal brand and write about all subtopics… but write a lot so you cover most of them and raise your new content rate daily.

Everybody wants to learn something, so make it a profitable niche in 2016.

I think I see every week someone’s success story of learning to do something on his own. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a new language, a new instrument or a totally different thing. At random points in their lives, people will want to learn something new so why not start a blog in this niche in 2016?

You can focus on specifics like language or skill learning or choose a new approach and only blog about methods of learning stuff (tips, tricks, secrets, advice, success stories, etc.). When learning new stuff, people will most like turn to the Internet since it’s such a big part of our lives.

Other 5 profitable niches for bloggers to choose from in 2016

If choosing one of the above isn’t an option for you, here are some other ideas for  profitable niches in 2016. Many of them have little to low difficulty and competitors so choose one or several!

  1. Travelling. Bring something new to the table – give tips on how to travel on a budget, minimalist travelling, travel photography & videography.
  2. Busy people blog. People tend to be more and more busy so why not help them out. Give time management tips, health & fitness advice or personal development ideas.
  3. Sport training. Somewhat related to the health niche but way different. This can turn into a profitable blog niche in 2016 if you help people to train for various sports: marathons, weight lifting, jogging or team sports (soccer, basketball) etc.
  4. City life. I’m not talking about events websites for local business. Make a personal blog and focus on what’s happening in your area, find the best places to eat and review, visit the local landmarks. You’ll get traffic from locals but also tourists.
  5. On a budget. Try to live while spending as little money as possible. Write about your experience of living in a small apartment, eating on a budget, travelling on a budget and/or buying stuff on a bargain.

What do you guys think? Do you have other ideas for blogging profitable niches in 2016?

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