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4 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic & Minimize Bounce Rate on WordPress

I love WordPress.

In 2008 I started a personal blog using it was so clunky and difficult to deal with. I soon switched to and finally took a big step, bought my own hosting, domain and started using the CMS (content management system).

I felt so free. No more restrictions for design or plugins. Everything I wanted was at arms reach and most of it was free or really cheap. When you start using WordPress you’ll find hundreds of free templates and plugins. Want to go pro? No problem, you can buy custom themes and plugins for every aspect of your business.

I’m not going to provide you with why you should start creating using WordPress, although that would be a good article idea for the future. Instead, I’m going to talk about how WordPress can help you drive more traffic to your website and minimize the bounce rate.

Driving traffic to your website speaks for itself, but what about minimizing the bounce rate? Basically if you have a high bounce rate on your website, that means that users are not finding your content useful enough and they’re bouncing to other websites. Minimizing this is vital for your business since you want the visitors to be on your website as much as possible.

Here are 4 proven ways I discovered to drive traffic & minimize bounce rate on wordpress websites.

1. Opt for Clean & Responsive Web Design.

You don’t need expensive wordpress themes with hundreds of features, at least not at the beginning. Aim to have a clean & responsive wordpress theme to minimize bounce rate and possibly increase returning visitors. It’s no secret that the number of people who use mobile devices to research and buy is increasing by day so why not have a responsive template for your website?

This will allow you to capture the visitor’s attention longer and help him reach the information he was looking for in the first place. Don’t do the opposite and have a clunky and non-responsive design. This is one of the biggest factors driving traffic away from your website. When people visit your website and see a clean & working design for every device, the chance of them recommending your business to others increases.

2. Use Social Media tools at a reasonable level.

Social Media plays a vital role for your business. You must be active on all major social networks and you also have to bring the social media tools on your website. When you’re using wordpress this is relatively easy with the help of plugins and widgets.

You can display sharing buttons and widgets almost anywhere on the website but you should take into consideration how is this affecting your website and users’ experience. Enabling your visitors to share content will drive traffic to your website but overuse these tools and you’ll make them leave.

I hate going on a website that scares me with a pop-up to like their Facebook page right after I open the blog post. Don’t add social media sharing buttons all over the place, it may break the responsive design and keeps the visitor from reading the content he was looking for.

Example: I once visited a website that had sharing buttons above, under the content and in a floating sidebar. Who needs this? It won’t increase your content’s shareability. It’s just a nuisance and it increases your bounce rate.

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3. Don’t ever forget about SEO.

Another thing I like about WordPress it’s the customization level. You can do so many things with the use of plugins and it’s so simple. When using WordPress CMS for your project don’t ever forget about SEO.

In this moment there are 2 main SEO plugins used by almost everyone – Yoast SEO and All in One SEO pack. There may be a third option used by some, but these two offer the best resources and paid tools (personal opinion).

At a basic level you should focus on adding SEO titles & descriptions for your blog posts and pages. You may also want to add alt tags for images and discover what those plugins are capable of. Having a search engine optimized website will help you drive more traffic to your business because you’ll rank higher in SERP (if optimized properly).

4. Take advantage of your own content.

There is a correlation between low conversion numbers and a high bounce rate. This means that you get traffic but possible clients bounce away without buying products or sharing content. A good way to minimize bounce rate is to use your own content with the help of plugins and widgets on wordpress.

If you have low conversion but high bounce rates it can very well may be because the visitors aren’t finding content they’re suppose to find. You can improve this by using wordpress plugins that display related posts & products under the content on the landing page. Another way to do this is to display widgets with “recommended content” or high converting content to redirect visitors to those pages.

When looking for content, you can also try our content web app – Curately that lets you find the best content sources for your wordpress website and easily transform them in converting content.

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