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How To Sell Blog Ads And Generate Fast Money

Most people start a blog because they want to share their passion for a specific thing or they see an opportunity in a niche and want to take advantage as soon as possible. A few years ago, generating money from a blog was something some people just dreamed about but in 2016, it’s become a reality.

The ads industry is a fast-developing environment with new ways of targeting and delivering ads being discovered every month or so. If you think that most ads are outdoor, you’re mistaken – you’ll find the most of them on websites since it’s the easiest way to set up a place where to display them.

With this in mind, starting a website to sell blog ads is a great way to generate fast money and a steady income… but don’t think this is easy. There is a lot of competition and the volume of work on your end is always proportional to the income you get when you sell blog ads.

Even if you’re not planning on doing this full-time, and you started a blog just to have a second income source, you should still read this article because I’m going to tell you how to sell blog ads the right way and what are the checkpoints you need to reach to generate fast money and a steady cash flow.

Complete checklist for those who want to sell blog ads.

Before you go ahead and start selling advertising on your blog, look at the following items I’m going to point out and cross them off your checklist. Not complying to one or more guidelines can do your blog harm and slam your blog income to the ground.

Is it the right time to push for blog ads?

I’ve seen this too many times. People starting blogs and adding ads on 3-4 placeholders since day one. Unless you’re confident you’ll have tons of traffic and quality content from the beginning, you may want to stall a bit before you cash in the blog ads. The first months of your blogging experience should be focused on creating a solid blogging structure, adding as much quality content as possible and growing your audience.

If I would join a new blog and get pop-ups and see a bunch ads, I’m going to mark you as undesirable, and I’ll have second doubts about coming back to your blog.

Do you have a solid audience?

Bloggers who write about a lot of topics generally struggle with growing their audience. Yes, the more blog content you have, the higher the chances that you’ll have high traffic on your blog, but that doesn’t necessarily translates into big income from blog ads. You don’t need a huge audience to sell blog ads and you’ll do just fine if you have a well-established community around your blog. In this case, you should see what are some options to sell direct ads to advertisers.

Everybody wants tons of blog traffic but having a smaller but well-targeted audience will result in getting the same results as if your blog had a lot of page views.

Do you have an ads-optimized blog template?

Where are you going to display ads? While almost every blog template today has widget places for displaying blog ads, you need to check before you make this decision. Don’t just display ads but test their placement on your blog.

Some times, displaying the wrong type of ads will break down your template and you’ll lose income. If you want fast money from blog ads, make sure they fit well within your content and don’t break your blog all together.

blog ads performance

Can you analyze and interpret blog ads performance?

If you use an ads platform such as Google Ads or BuySellAds, you will have a clear understanding of how your blog ads are behaving. You should correlate their performance with your weekly or monthly blog traffic and make changes if needed. If your planning to sell direct ads to advertisers, you’ll need a system to analyze and interpret their performance. Displaying the wrong ads can lower your blog traffic – if people don’t like what they see, they’ll just change their information source.

Do you have the best quality content?

Having a blog with quality content will increase your chances to have a steady income from blog ads. How does this work? Simple:

  1. You deliver quality content.
  2. Visitors come and stay on your blog since it offers the solution they wanted. They may also share your content or comment.
  3. Ads networks such as Google Adwords can better target blog ads and deliver the best solutions for your audience depending on what content you add.

You need to find a mix between quality and quantity and Curately does just that. Solutions offered by Curately app will allow you to find the best content sources for your blog, publish content your audience will love or grow your local business through quality blog posts.

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