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4 Signs You Need To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Some business owners believe they can do everything themselves. They often mistake themselves to solopreneurs and try to do every task on their own. The “one-man band” tactic works best for small or medium projects and even then solopreneurs need help with their business.

Thinking you can do everything related to your business – as small it may be – without the help of others is a huge mistake. You’ll end up doing things half way and miss out on important goals.

We’re not saying you can’t play more than one role for your business, but if you try to do it all by yourself, you’ll start losing clients and your fan base is going to lose interest in your product. One of the areas of your online business where this happens more often than not is social media marketing where business owners think they can create a strategy and apply it by the book with no help.

That’s just wrong and detrimental to your business, but don’t worry – you can get back on track. Below you’ll find 4 signs that you need to improve your social media strategy by hiring a specialist or learning new skills.

These 4 signs are telling you to improve your social media marketing strategy.

If you’re managing your business and also administrating your social media profiles, you’ll probably lose on both ends. The solution isn’t to do it by yourself or delegate the tasks to somebody with little or no experience. In 2016, a well-built social media marketing strategy is a must so if the following things are happening to your business, you may want to improve your social media tactics.

1. You don’t differentiate between social networks.

One of the biggest signs that you need to improve your social media marketing strategy is posting exactly the same content on all your social profiles. You go ahead and post the same thing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (even at the same time) without making an effort to deliver your content the right way.

Some businesses or influencers with no social media marketing strategy even link their social profiles so when they post to Facebook, they also send out a tweet… linking to the Facebook post.

Doing this only points out you don’t have a clear vision or a basic understanding of how social media works.

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Buying fans is a big social media marketing mistake.

2. You buy “real fans and followers”.

Some business owners live with the impression that what they did 5 years ago is still working today. They add their website in business directories, buy fans on Facebook and Twitter followers.

Good morning. It’s 2016 and you already lost the social media marketing game.

Buying fans and followers has no positive effect for your social profiles and it doesn’t even encourage other people to like your page. Even if those fans are from your country, that doesn’t mean they’re interested in what you have to say or sell. The SMM strategy isn’t about having more followers than your competitor but having high and steady engagement & conversion rates from your social media audience.

3. You only talk about yourself.

Some people mistake social media marketing with PR and think the social profiles are just for post information about the brand, press releases and other info. That’s wrong.

Your Facebook page and Twitter accounts are not just for promoting your own content. If you do this for a long time, your audience will slowly but surely move from your brand to somewhere else. You have to understand that the people who liked your Facebook page and followed your Twitter account aren’t just interest in your product but also in the product category.

A healthy social media marketing strategy also promotes related content (news, videos, topics of discussion) that is relevant to your fans. By doing this you encourage them to engage with your brand.

4. You use your Facebook page as your one and only web presence.

You’d think that by 2016 people understood the benefits of owning a website, right? It seems that there still are some business owners who think that they can manage their online presences just by creating a Facebook page.

Mistaking a Facebook page with a website is still an issue in 2016. Don’t do this. Having a website offers so more than just post on your Facebook page (and let’s not forget that your FB page can be deleted without notification).

Having a website allows you to be found by more people. You can add fresh content and rank for optimized keywords in SERP. For example (in most cases) having a blog and adding fresh content will convert into more customers than posting daily on your Facebook page.

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