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Social Media Networks & Apps Influencers Need in 2016 (II)

I’m not someone who leaves stuff unfinished. In a previous article we started talking about social networks & apps influencers need to use in 2016. Since it’s a pretty complex and long read, I split it in two big articles. You can read the first one, about social networks by click here.

Let’s move on, shall we?

As I see things, the apps influencers should use in 2016 can be separated in three main categories: content management, content distribution and social interaction. Basically, the first two categories of apps help the influencer curate his or hers content and post it on Social Networks while the second category’s focus is on interacting with the fans and possible clients.

Content Management apps for influencers in 2016.

Feedly – I always believed it’s good to know what your rivals are doing. Feedly is a great tool to keep an eye open at your competition is doing while browsing for content ideas. If you have websites you often go for good content ideas, adding their feeds in Feedly is an excellent idea.

Pocket – Another great way to curate and share content you find to be relevant for your niche. You can just add the links you find to your pocket and save them for later use or just share them at a later time on your Social Media accounts. You can also add extensions to your browser or download the mobile app.

Sniply – This tool will allow influencers to share related content to their social media accounts while branding it for their own purpose. The way this is works is by adding a link in Sniply then customizing a pop-under with a message and link. This way you can use other’s people content to drive traffic to your blog or shop.

Curately – Our tool helps influencers find the best content from niche trendsetters and transform it in something you can add to your WordPress text editor. It’s a great way to find great content for your blog or create blog posts starting from content you get elsewhere.

Content distribution apps for influencers in 2016.

Hootsuite – this is one of the most used apps for distributing content on various social media networks. You can schedule your content from within the app so that’s very useful. Another similar app that allows you to schedule content over social networks is Buffer.

Vine – Video is a growing area of online content and it helps you increase your brand’s notoriety. There are some video creation apps influencer may want to use to boost their fan base, such as Vine. A lot of successful viners (yes, that’s a word) are also online influencers.

I’ve also talked about sharing content on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn) so it would be a great idea to use their mobile apps for content distribution when you don’t have access to your PC or laptop.

social interaction influencers

Social Interaction apps for influencers in 2016.

Periscope – This app will let you share a live video feed from your phone to your followers. You can see what they’re saying about what they see and you can interact with them live. It’s a great tool to interact with your fans and replying to their questions. Another mention here would be Meerkat, a similar app that basically does the same thing as Periscope.

There are some differences between these two. If you want, you can read the comparison between Meerkat and Periscope here.

Snapchat – I really like this app because it lets you interact directly with your fan base and it also displays how many times your content has been viewed by others. You can send image or video snaps to one or more people who added you on Snapchat.

I find it to be a great app that lets you interact one-way or two-ways with your fan base. You can either choose to put content for all of them or interact with them by adding them back or replying to their snaps.

Time Slots – Using this web app will allow you to create time frames when you can be contacted and manage who and when can contact you. Influencers can use the Time Slots app to better manage business offers. You simply create a form for your website and those who want to contact you have to choose specific time frames to do so. You can go further and set up a Paypal fee for those who want to get in touch.

Facebook Messenger – I like using only the messenger app when I have to work and don’t want any social media distractions. I can talk to people in my Facebook friends list without being distracted by cats and gifs in my news feed. Influencers can use this app as a tool to communicate with clients, collaborators and close friends while being mobile.

I’m sure there are other apps we could easily add to this list. What do you use to create & distribute content and then interact with your followers?

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