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How to Start a Drone Blog and Make Money Online

2016 has become the year when more and more profitable niches start to rise and allow people to make money only through blogging. You’re still going to be able to blog about the established niches such as health, making money or similar topics but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try new things, give drone blogging a try.

Starting your blog in an unusual niche can be a challenge so those who already have a passion for this subject may have an advantage.

If you’re planning to start a drone blog in 2016 and you don’t know a lot about this niche, the safe bet would be to start researching before you check for available blog names. Drones have become extremely popular, not just for business purposes, but also for everything from wildlife photography to personal use.

That’s great for those who want to start blogging about drones because they have more possibilities to find a “good spot” in the drone niche. For example, you can focus your blogging efforts on drone photography and target a smaller niche or you can start writing quality blog posts about the latest developments in drone technologies.

Quick guide: How to start a drone blog in 2016

A few weeks ago we wrote another guide for those who want to start a virtual reality blog and monetize it. If you take a closer look at it, you’ll see that starting a drone blog is somewhat similar but you need to pay attention to the little things that may influence your blog’s success.

Starting a drone blog in 2016

The basic steps of creating a WordPress drone blog remain the same. You need to buy a domain, hosting and use an user-friendly blogging CMS. Like we said before, there are some small things that you need to take care of. For example, here are several questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you start drone blogging.

Will I blog about drones or choose a smaller niche?

You can blog about drone news, reviews or choose a smaller niche such as wildlife drone photography or military drones. You need to figure this out before you buy your domain and hosting. If you’re going for the smaller niche, you’ll need to know that your hosting can successfully accommodate big images without slowing down your website.

Should I start a drone blog with multiple authors?

Drone blogging is still a new territory for bloggers so it would make sense to get more opinions from similar people. This doesn’t always work since money is always a problem with multi-author blogs.

Are there any drone enthusiasts in my area?

While many people don’t think about this before they start blogging in any given niche, it’s really important to see if there is a community of people with similar interests in your area. Seeing how drones are quite expensive, it would be a good start for your blog if you can borrow or rent drones from other people. You can start collaborations and feature other drone enthusiasts on your blog, but that’s up to you.

Where to find content for a drone blog?

Unless you’re Casey Neistat and drone companies just send you drones for testing, your blogging journey will have a slow start. If you want a review-centered drone blog, you can start by focusing smaller drones that parents buy for their children. You won’t get the same income from affiliate marketing as if you were promoting the bigger models but you will start to build credibility and a fan base.

drone blog content strategy

How to create your drone blog content strategy.

Drone blog content strategy. 

When creating your drone blogging content strategy, you will want to adapt to the development stages of your blog. What does this mean? You need to have different types of content depending on what stage of blogging you’re on.

At first, when you just started your drone blog, you’ll want to have fresh quality blog posts added quite frequently. Mix these blog posts with cornerstone content that will improve your SERP rankings. If you ever run out of ideas for those fresh blog posts, you may want to try our web tool – Curately.

Curately lets you tap into the big potential of curated content. Basically, you’re using other people’s ideas while promoting their content, giving your readers the opportunity to know you better, and to establish yourself as an authority in the drone blogging niche.

After you’ve created an audience and a fan base, you can move on to make money from drone blogging. This means you can add other types of content to your creation strategy. One of the most used methods of making money online – affiliate marketing – will surely bring you a steady income if you focus on quality drone reviews and multimedia content.

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