4 WordPress Themes To Showcase Your Content In 2016

Not every individual who wants to write about his hobby or passion knows how to set up a website and that’s not a bad thing. Many people believe that if you want to specialize in something, you have to work daily and focus only on that specific thing. This is true and it also applies to online writers or for people who want to start an online business by writing on blogs.

Taking this into consideration, don’t be too disheartened if you don’t have time to write in a passionate manner and also set up a website and update it periodically. There are freelancers or companies that take care of this so you can focus on writing amazing content. If you don’t have time or money to choose this option, setting up a WordPress blog and choosing the right template that showcases you content should be a priority.

The great thing about WordPress is that it’s highly customizable and the same goes for plugins and themes developed for this content management system.

4 Wordpress themes to showcase your content in 2016

You don’t need much to set up a WordPress blog and start creating. Starting from the idea that you already have a domain name, a hosting account and you already installed the CMS on your host, you still need to install some plugins and choose the right theme that showcases your content. Here are some of your favorites WordPress themes you can choose in 2016.

Brixton – Showcase content with style

Brixton wordpress showcase content

If you’re planning to start a WordPress blog for your personal brand or just to showcase the content you add daily on various topics, Brixton is a simple-to-install and minimalist template that can serve you well.  You can buy this theme for $39 on Themeforest and transform your online presence into a modern creative blog where you focus on writing the best content for your niche.

Read – Focus only on your content

Read wordpress theme showcase content

One-column WordPress themes are often used by writers who want to add quality content without having to set up sidebars and selling blog ads. If you just want to write about your passion and give your readers the opportunity to focus solely on the content, choose this theme. At $39 it doesn’t just offers you a white canvas – you can customize it to a degree and choose what readability settings you want. A good thing to know is that this theme, while showcasing your content is also mobile friendly.

Iceberg – Beautiful theme to focus on content

Iceberg beautiful content wordpress theme

Iceberg should be used by independent writers who also have an affinity towards media content. Maybe you want to mix quality content with image galleries or videos? This theme allows you to do just that right on the homepage where you can feature photos or videos.

Even more, Iceberg works great with Curately, our tool that allows you to showcase quality content from top sources in your blog posts. You can buy Iceberg for $39 and start a FREE trial for Curately.

Another thing we loved about Iceberg is that you have several typography options to better showcase your quality content.

StoryBlog – Stunning images and quality content

Storyblog wordpress theme content

If you see yourself as a storyteller, this premium theme is just what you need. It allows you to customize it however you like and it gives you several options for a stunning homepage design. You won’t have to spend too much time think about design since the theme’s settings are intuitive and you’ll only need to add quality content that you can mix with high resolution, stunning images to use in your blog posts.

As you may know, images play an important role for bloggers as they allow them to send a stronger message and keep readers interested.

We showed you several premium WordPress themes for bloggers who want to showcase their quality content and only focus on sending a strong message to their readers. Setting up a website is becoming easier every year and these templates show us how easy it is to start a blog for your passion or hobby. You don’t necessarily need to know how to set up everything on your website but you need to focus on adding quality content for your readers.

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