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5 Blog Posts Ideas To Boost Income For Video Content Creators

Youtube is a great source of content for internet users and an important income generator for video content creators. No other video platform comes close to Youtube if we’re talking about community, rewarding content creators and usability. There are even more aspects that make Youtube better than Facebook for people who live from making online videos. For the time being, Facebook is just the place where shady individuals exploit popular video content to grow their fan base without repercussions (personal opinion).

A few years ago, before video and audio content were a successful thing to drive income, people were only focusing on written content and images to build businesses. Things have changed but I can’t overlook the fact that mentalities haven’t changed at all.

I’ve been taking a look at podcasters and video content creators and both categories only focus on creating platform-specific content, overlooking the money source – written content. I couldn’t possibly know how much would maintaining a blog would increase the income for a Youtuber but it would certainly be a big plus.

If you’re going to ask entrepreneurs or other businessmen, they’ll all tell you it’s smart not to have only one source of income. Youtubers focus only making videos, podcasters only on audio. Why not use your website to create a blog and publish fresh content? You could do the following:

  • Create an email list and send out newsletters when you add new videos.
  • Use quality blog posts to establish yourself as an expert in the field you’re so passionate of creating video content.
  • Organize contests and giveaways for people who subscribed to you on your Youtube channel.
  • Connect with your audience by showing them different aspects of your life.

5 Blog posts ideas to Boost Income for Video content creators

Don’t just focus on platform-specific content, use blog posts to diversify your income sources. Podcasters and video content creators can easily set up a blog on their website and publish quality content. Having this fresh source of blog posts will also help you with Google rankings and it makes it easier for people to connect with you. Here are some blog posts ideas that not only add quality content but also provide another source of income.

youtube content creator gear

Show people what gear you use to make Youtube videos.

1. Write blog posts about the gear you use.

When they’re deciding if they should start a Youtube channel, people always search for quality content about what top Youtube content creators use in their videos. Make an inventory of your gear and create quality blog posts for each item (or at least category: lighting, audio, video).

After you’ve created all these posts, make a targeted page on your blog where you list the reviews (blog posts) you made for the video creation gear. Use affiliate links in your blog posts to boost your income – if people are happy with your opinion, they will buy the products.

2. Organize contests on your blog.

You’ve seen people organize giveaways or other types of contests on Youtube channels. I would recommend to set them up in your blog posts since it offers you a better way to monitor who signed up and answer any questions people may have. You can announce the winners on your Youtube channel but make sure to also write a blog post about this.

3. Write “How-To” blog posts.

These blog posts are a bit similar to those about the gear you use but they give you more options to diversify content. You could write how-to articles about how to create Youtube videos where you talk about lighting or video editing, you could talk to people about the challenges you face when creating video content or you could take advantage of your niche experience and provide tips and tricks for readers.

Just like blog posts about gear, you can include affiliate links and boost your income.

4. Talk about the hottest trends in your niche.

If you’re specialized in making a certain type of videos, you can use your blog posts to talk about what’s happening in that niche. Write about news, latest trends or provide your detailed thoughts about different topics.

When you make Youtube videos, you need to be careful not to make them too long since your viewer’s attention declines over time. You can even use your own videos and elaborate, so people can understand your point of view better.

You don’t need to spend a lot of times writing these blog posts. Set up an account on Curately, find the best sources for news and trends and create quality blog articles starting from that content. Curately allows you do boost your income by adding fresh content to your blog in a timely manner.

5. Connect with your viewers

Youtube content creators generally divide themselves into 2 big categories – vloggers and the rest. While vloggers focus on establishing a relationship with the viewers by allowing them to see aspects of their private life, the rest of video content creators can use a blog posts to do this. If you have a Youtube channel where you review products but you still want to connect with your viewers, writing blog posts where you talk about private life is they way to go.

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