business benefit from cornerstone content

How Does your Business Benefit from Cornerstone Content?

A successful content marketer knows how to properly create a content strategy so it contains different types of content, distributed over several platforms. Your business’ content tactic should feature fresh content, social media-oriented content, repurposed content but more important, it should be created on the backbone of cornerstone content.

What is cornerstone content?

Think of cornerstone content as the foundation of your marketing efforts. Cornerstone content consists of in-depth, authoritative pieces of content around 5,000 words. These extensive posts get more exposure and shares than regular blog posts. This happens because users are compelled to share it more when faced with the length and quality of information.

Your cornerstone content should focus primarily on providing value to its readers and offer several solutions where it’s possible. If you’re going to write one paragraph of quality content then use 4,500 words just so you fill your quota and reach the word length, it won’t help you at all.

Be careful to properly structure your cornerstone content. Since we’re talking about 5,000 words blog posts, you will need to use headings, internal links, lists and text styles to make it easy to read and to share.

How can your business benefit from cornerstone content?

First of all, if you already have a blog and want to add cornerstone content to your marketing strategy, you might consider switching from blog posts to pages for this type of content. For your business to benefit from cornerstone content, you might want to use pages since they:

  • don’t have publication dates, bringing them closer to evergreen content.
  • they have a separate place than your regular blog posts, making them stand out.
  • they can have a different design. For example, you can add a custom sidebar for specific pages with links of interest or other widgets.

So, what are some benefits your business can expect from writing quality cornerstone content?

Better optimization of keywords.

When you write cornerstone content, you have a lot of room for optimizing specific keywords. Don’t forget that you have around 5,000 words so you can use all forms and variations of your targeted keywords. Always make sure you’re optimizing the right keywords as pages with cornerstone content often rank better than your home address.

cornerstone content for quality backlinks

Writing cornerstone content will result in more quality links to your website.

Links magnet.

Having quality backlinks to your website is a great tool for off-site content optimization. Ask any SEO expert and they’ll tell you how important quality links pointing to your website truly are.

When you write cornerstone content you give other the chance to identify with your information and compel them to link to it on their own websites. For this to work, your cornerstone content has to be targeted to a specific audience and to provide solutions to a given problem.

Choosing to write cornerstone content will often result in a high number of links pointing to your website, from which many are quality backlinks.

Content strategy diversification tool.

In today’s marketing world, you need to find ways of standing out from the crowd. Regular blog posts and curated content created with Curately will allow you to have a steady flow of content from your website to your audience, but you’ll need solid pieces of content to create a backbone for your content strategy.

Cornerstone content provides value to your content creation strategy.

New content ideas.

Depending on what type of cornerstone content you chose for your business, you’ll be able to find new blog posts ideas within those pages. For example, a well-written cornerstone content with around 5,000 words can result in other blog posts such as:

  • Infographics with stats.
  • Smaller blog posts.
  • Webinars focused on content clarification.
  • Web slide presentations.
  • Newsletter articles.
  • Podcast or interviews with experts in your field starting from cornerstone content ideas.

Finding new readers and subscribers.

When you add cornerstone content to your content calendar, you’ll notice that more and more people will start reading it and possibly subscribe to your newsletter. This happens because they feel that coming back to your website will always provide them with quality information.

For this to work, you’ll need to have a clear content creation strategy and schedule cornerstone content to be published on a regular basis. This will help out both seasonal bloggers or people who launch a new website.

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