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8 Clever Blog Posts Ideas That Will Get You Tons Of Backlinks

If you want to run a successful blog, you’ll need more than just a desire to write blog posts. There are more aspects of which a blogger should be aware of including: social media, keyword optimization, SEM, quality backlinks and more. It’s not enough just to write a blog post and expect thousands of page views.

Nope. It’s not that easy… but a savvy blogger will already know this and start a link building strategy the very next day.

Link building has been an integral part of any blog’s SEO strategy from the beginning of blogging and even if Google and other search engines always add new bullet points to your checklist, it’s still extremely important.

8 Blog posts ideas to get you more backlinks

Every link building strategy has shifted over the years from having a lot of links pointing to your website (quantity) to fewer but better links (quality). If in the past it was easier to rank better if you had more links pointing to your blog, today you need only quality links and even to ban the spammy ones.

There are several methods to get quality backlinks to your blog but most of them are quite expensive… so why not tap in to the only resource that won’t run out (unless you stop blogging) – your content. Here’s how to get a ton of backlinks by using these 8 clever blog posts ideas.

1. Create one or more Infographics

People love facts and images so why not combine them? Find trending topics in your blog’s niche and amp up the number of backlinks. You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to create a nice infographic and you can find online services that allow you to create them with ease. Don’t forget to add infographics periodically to your blog posts.

2. Make a video

Next to images, people also love videos so make an effort and create one for a blog post. You can take the information out of an infographic and with little video editing knowledge transform it into a quality blog post that will bring you a lot of quality backlinks.

3. Update trending blog posts from the past

Whenever you see some blog posts that get a lot of links and social shares, save it to a file. A few months after try to add value to the original blog post by updating it with new information. Since the data is fairly fresh in people’s memory, they will make a connection to the original blog post.

4. Then and now blog posts

If we’re speaking about revamping old content to make it bring in backlinks, we need to also point out that there is a similar blog post type that does wonders. Take into consideration that millennials were born around the year 2000 and represent a high percentage of your readership.

These people grew up with certain TV shows and cartoons that don’t exist anymore. Write blog posts comparing celebrities “How they look now” or “What happened to”. Articles like these tend to get shared a lot and bring you tons of backlinks.

interview blog posts ideas

Interview top bloggers or influencers.

5. Interview top bloggers or other important people

If you have the opportunity to attend an event where a top blogger or other influencers are present, try your best to take a picture and ask them a few questions. You can take that content and transform it into interview blog posts that will get linked on other blogs since you’re interacting with top bloggers and influencers.

6. Long, quality blog posts

Take a look at the best ranking results for blog posts in your niche. There’s a high chance they’re really long content with quality insights because people really value thorough content made available for free. Depending on your niche, use a web service as Curately and find the latest topics or the most wanted products and start from there.

Create quality content starting from other blog posts.

7. Answer people’s questions

When you’re looking to get more backlinks to your blog by using quality blog posts try the following:

  • Research and see what are the top forums and online boards for your niche.
  • Identify the top questions without answers.
  • Create blog posts where you provide the solutions.
  • Go back to those forums and post your solution.

Be very careful not to get greedy and start going out of your niche – this may result in more harm to your blog than good since people will consider you to be a spammer.

8. Look for list-type blog posts on other websites

People like to get mentioned in blog posts and tend to brag about this by either sharing it on Social Media or writing on their own blogs about it. You can use this to your advantage in several ways:

  • Create list-type blog posts relevant for your niche and invest in social ads.
  • Create blog posts where you recommend other bloggers.
  • Find these types of blog posts from other bloggers and email them asking to be put on those lists, but try to maintain a positive tone and don’t get disheartened if they don’t do it.

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