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How To Make Content Creation Faster Without Losing Quality

Certain types of content bring you more benefits. You have your long-form content that allows you to rank higher in Google results pages and you have the short-form content that is more suited for social media. There probably is something in between but the results for that would be satisfactory at best.

So, what’s the best type of content for your business? Should you choose long-form or short-form content?

The answer is somewhere in between. You need a mix of both content types while making your content creation faster without losing quality. This sounds really good, right? Who wouldn’t want to find a way to create fast content without compromising on the quality?

There are two ways you could achieve this: have a big editorial team including social media experts, web designers and even developers or you could try what we’re going to recommend below. When you don’t have the budget or the work force to sustain your fast content creation process, you can try some of the following advice.

Fast content creation process without losing quality?

Yes. That’s possible but only if you make the right choices along the way. You’ll need to be 200% organized and take advantage of every opportunity you get. Let’s see howy you can maintain a fast content creation process but not lose any quality content along the way.

Start with long-form content.

We don’t recommend using only short-form content just so you put more content online. You’ll need to focus on creating long-form content several times each month to help your business to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

You can create guides, how-to articles and big lists for those who are interested in your niche, brand or services. If you aren’t certain what long-form content means and you want to know more about this, we recommend you to read our article on the ideal blog post length where we covered all aspects behind this definition.

Analyze your long-form content.

If you want to upgrade your content creation process and make it faster, you need to analyze your content and set up tactics to better understand and use you own long-form content. Let’s say you write a big 20-point blog post for your niche. Don’t just share it and move along.

Analyze that content you already wrote and come up with other articles starting from what your wrote in your long-form content. You could even come up with related topics, depending on what was the original content. By analyzing your content and coming up with future blog posts, you can make your content creation process faster since you will already have content ideas.

Next, you can start by improving your content calendar. You probably have one content calendar for your blog and one for social media (or an optional one for video/audio content). Take a good look at all your scheduled posts and see if there’s a way you can make connections between them. Link your long-form content on Facebook, Pin the featured image on Pinterest and make sure you tweet it.

faster content creation by diversification

Diversify your content creation strategy.

Diversify your content creation strategy

Never keep all your eggs in one basket. If you apply this for your income sources, why not do it for your content creation strategy? Wrote a big blog post about something relevant to your niche? Follow it up with an Youtube video or a podcast. If it’s really well received by your audience, start a live video on Facebook to discuss it even more.

You should just add content to your blog while not publishing anything on other content distribution networks.

Another great tip to make your content creation faster and diverse is to follow the biggest content sources in your niche and use their content to create your own. You can do this by creating an account on Curately, using their RSS feeds and start writing your own blog post from their original idea. Hints:

  • You can add a relevant image and featured text from the original article to provide your readers with context.
  • You should link back to the original blog post so you can get some link juice and possible extra readers.
  • Don’t just copy/paste the original article. Show your readers you can provide quality content and create your own blog post.

Repurpose old content

If you’re not a fan of using other people’s ideas you can use your own content to find new ideas or just to give it a new spin. Do you have a lot of old blog posts with a lot of social shares? Take the data from there and create other content: video, presentations, infographics etc.

Another great idea is to search for high-ranking content in your niche (from other websites) and create an updated version for the current year.

Making your content creation strategy faster doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on quality. Try our advice and find other topics, write blog posts that spark conversations or reuse the content that’s already available.

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