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How To Find Unique Content For a Successful Blog

People say that making the first step is always the most difficult. When it comes to blogging, this piece of advice seems to be fading over the years. Why is this happening?

Starting a blog has become way easier than maintaining one (and be successful at it). There are several platforms where you can start blogging for free and provide custom-based tools for development. Want your own domain? That’s also easy – choose from the everyday-increasing number of hosting options and install WordPress or other blogging optimized CMS.

You’re done. The first step was not the most difficult but the easiest.¬†Maintaining a successful blog is a different story

Why is it harder to maintain a successful blog?

It has become easy to start your blog but being successful at blogging is totally a different story. Just having the website and publishing content using a calendar isn’t going to cut it. You need more than this, you have to:

  • Make if available for all platforms (desktop and mobile).
  • Have social media pages to connect with your fans.
  • Develop ads systems to monetize your blog

…but more importantly – you need to stand out of the crowd by publishing unique content on your blog.

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How to come up with unique content?

How to come up with unique content to maintain a successful blog?

When you start a blog, you’ll have two ways to achieve success. You can try to find a small niche where the competition is low or you can go to a niche you’re comfortable with and start adding quality and unique content.

You need to stand out with your blog if you want to be successful, but how can you find unique content to promote your blog and interact with a larger audience? Here are some ideas on how to find that unique content and target it to your audience.

The same quality content… with a twist.

If you think about it, unique content is basically high quality content transformed into something that attracts a high volume of social shares and page views. You can make this transformation by applying catchy headlines to your content or to add some bits of information that make it unique.

You can find a lot of headline generators online that provide you with new ways to promote your quality content or you can apply some of these tips:

  • Link your blog post theme with celebrities.
  • Write from a personal point of view.
  • Perform and document experiments.
  • Take a stand.

Take a look at your competition.

Did you see a similar blog publishing unique content and have a lot of success by doing this? Analyze and see how can you adapt that content to your way of showcasing information. Don’t be a copycat but learn from their success and build up your own unique content.

Take a look at unrelated but successful blogs.

You can find quality ideas for unique content not only in your niche but also in other niches. Even if that blog doesn’t have anything in common with yours, see how they come up with unique content and see if you can apply their tactics to your own process.

Look for ideas on Social Media

Facebook and Youtube are the two main social networks where you can find trending content and discover ideas to apply to your blog, making it unique. Do your research and see what videos or even .gifs are getting shared and see how you can add your personal touch.

Get out of your element.

If you’re only writing product reviews and want to stand out, take it one step further and provide your readers with something they can’t find somewhere else. Start by adding videos or audio so you’ll have unique content that people will share more that plain product reviews. Experiment and see how your readers react.

What about Curately?

Curately can be a source of ideas for bloggers who want to develop unique content. There is a simple process behind finding content sources and bringing that content to your own blog. It’s always important to add your personal touch to make unique content. For example you can:

  1. Use Curately to find the best content sources in your niche.
  2. Add snippets of their most successful content to your own blog.
  3. Transform that content into unique content for your blog.

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