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Generate More Web Traffic With These 4 Content Creation Tips

Smart marketers & bloggers know that content marketing is much more than writing blog posts and sharing them on Facebook pages. When they set up their content marketing strategy they have specific targets and clear ways to achieve them. So why shouldn’t you try to do the same?

Content creation is a big part of your overall marketing strategy and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Don’t just write blocks of text and expect visitors to rush to your website – take care of all marketing-related aspects.

Every website and online project are different but when it comes to content creation, you should always try to do the following:

  • Create a visitor/buyer persona (your visitor’s profile) and see what are they interested in.
  • Put together a list of important topics for that persona.
  • Write great content in a timely manner.
  • Analyze the results and make changes.

4 Content creation tips for more website traffic

If your current goal is to drive more traffic to your website, content creation should be your primary target. Your content will spread out around your website, other blogs and social networks that bring you the most benefits. For example, if you’re specialized in B2B services, you’ll probably have more success with content targeted for LinkedIn rather than Pinterest.

How does your content help your drive more traffic to your blog or website? Well, just adding text to a web page won’t help you get more visitors – you’ll need a strategy (like we share a few moments ago) and some content creation tips such as:

1. Create content that adds value

Except for a small part of your traffic (direct), the rest of your visitors want to find out certain things about your products or your project’s niche. You should always focus on useful content so your visitors feel they get the information they are looking for and come again or recommend your services.

There are several ways you can create valuable content. You should always create a persona for your niche and build up a list of topics they would be interested in. This will be the core content of your website next to which you’ll add fresh content.

Another way to add value to your visitors is to bring a hot topic into the discussion by using Curately. When you create an account on our web app, you will be able to start your blog posts from trending topics found on other websites, thus minimizing the time you spend on content creation without losing quality. Don’t forget to add your own take on the subject.

2. Update your old content

Take a look at your existing content and see what brings you the most web traffic. By looking at your Google Analytics statistics you will be able to create a list of top performing web pages and update that content. Content creation shouldn’t only be focused on adding new web pages to your website but also adding value to your old blog posts.

Have a list of tips & tricks from a few years that is still bringing you a lot of visitors? Update that page so it will be relevant for your current visitors as well.

content creation tips

Content creation tip: Interview specialists.

3. Feature specialists from your niche

One of the best ways to get more web traffic is to interact with experts from your niche and feature their content on your blog or social media accounts. You can choose to do the following:

  • Interviews with experts
  • Guest blogging
  • Tagging them on Social Media

If you choose to feature their content or mention them on your blog, don’t forget to add a link back to their website. Sometimes this will result in a mutual benefit, meaning that they will also mention you and send traffic your way.

When you interview experts from your niche, there is a high chance that they will share those articles with their followers.

4. Don’t be afraid to try new types of content

Content creation shouldn’t be just creating blog posts and sharing them on your social media profiles. Focus in delivering various types of content your audience can interact with. You can choose to start a podcast, a Youtube channel or use the new Facebook live video function.

Don’t forget to analyze your content and see what works best for your project.

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